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    • Balloon Sculpture

      February 28, 2007

      Long time ago, I admired clowns who can make balloon sculpture. Now clowns are not the only one who can do balloon sculpture. I picked up this hobby when I found a book on how to do it. Now I am kind of an expert in it. It is very easy. You just need to be brave and not afraid of bursting balloons.

      My children love those balloons sculpture. Most children love it. It can be used for party time. If your kids want to fight, create some balloon swords, they can fight all they want without physical injuries. :giggles:

      Materials required are balloons, a good pump and a pair of hands. It is really fun, you can try it. Here is a gallery of patterns you can follow: and

      Basically I love to do things with my hands like origami, beading, balloon sculpture, cards making, 3D deco and paper cutting.

    • It has been a long time since I got a tag. I am not a tag person. Today must be a lucky day (although I don’t believe in luck), I received 2 different tag from Joyce and Shooi.

      1) Who is the first blogger you’ve met?
      If my memory serves me right, I believe Jazzmint was the first blogger I met. However blog was not the first Internet wave I had. Before I was into IRC meet, Forum meet and Chat meet. It was the MeadJohnson forum that I got to know a lot of mothers, some started to blog and some started MSN chat. I even started my own mybabybay forum, feel free to join.

      2) Who is the ‘Most wanted to meet blogger?’ for you?
      The most wanted to meet is not a blogger, sorry. I love to meet all the children that the bloggers blog about. :giggles:

      3) Who is the ‘I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?
      *same answer as #2*

      4) Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
      Everyone that I have not met.

      5) Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
      Ok ok ok…I love to meet you whoever is reading now. 😀 Ask lah who I have met. I met Jazzmint, Mariah, Agnes, Vien, Jefferene, DomesticGoddess, Sasha, Rachel, Duck&FrogTales and Joyce.

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      5 reasons:

      1) I started a blog because I wanted to learn about the IT technology and tools behind blogs, forums and chat. I am in the IT line so I need to stay on top of technology.

      2) Mostly I want to keep a parenting journal for my children, so that they can read about it when they grow up.

      3) I want to build a network of mothers and share our joy and experiences.

      4) I want to share information.

      5) I want to learn from your experiences too and become a better mother.

      Sorry to kill your time. However I will not tag anyone, feel free if you like to do the above, consider yourself tag.

    • Ambition

      February 26, 2007

      Ever ask your children what they want to be when they grow up? At the age, I was curious to find out what they want to be. At this moment, there are very few occupations they know. However, it is enough to stir their little brains to see what they like. It is good to analyst your child, to see what approach of discipline or actions you can take on them. Here is what my 4+ year old and 2+ year old want to be.

      Mummy: What do you want to be when you grow up?
      Tim: Arggg….I want to be a chef. I want to make delicious burger. *showing his cooking actions*
      Emily: I want to be a doctor. *taking the toy stethoscope and play doctor*
      Emily: Come, come let me check you. *take the stethoscope put it in her ear and the other end on mummy’s tummy, opps heart*

      I will check with them again next year and see how it differs. :giggles:

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    • Education Funds

      February 23, 2007

      This is not a sponsored post. Have you thought of your child’s education fund? Are you planning to send your child overseas? I am thinking of at least sending them to a 1-2 year education overseas. It will teach them independence and open them up to view the world differently. At least the education system is different from the local.

      I read in the magazine that 1 year cost at least 100K for fees, accommodation, expenses and travel tickets. It is not cheap. There are a few tips that I would like to share. One, if you are thinking of sending your child overseas, you should start investing now or do some investment research. Two, if you want to send your child to a country say US, you can start buying the country currency and open a currency account. Some banks offer that. By the way, US currency is down. If you are from a richer family, then investing on the country properties is also another good tip. However be sure you find out all the administration charges and hidden cost.

      I am not a believer in Education Insurance because it has a lower returns compare to an investment plan without the insurance. Reason behind is that a portion of the money is paid for insurance. It will find more returns if you have a separate insurance plan and an investment plan.

      Lastly if all else fail, think of migration. :giggles. If you have great ideas, I want to hear about it.

    • Petrosains – KLCC

      February 22, 2007

      My sister recommended that we visit the Petrosains rather than the Pusat Sains Center. I took my family there. It is at the KLCC Suria top floor. If you haven’t visited, you should go. It is RM12 for adult and RM4 for 5-12. Children below 5, it is free.

      There are lots to see and play for children. First we start off with a ride in the dark with lighted screens and beautiful artificial rainforest. There are over 70 stations for children to learn and discover, from energy, petrojaya displaying wayang kulit (shadow play), dinosaur, science & petroleum, exploration on how to drill oil, science play, helicopter ride, oil platform, products that uses oil with F1 ride, molecule nano technology, metre city, fun with atoms & molecules, mini theatre show with 3D effects and dark ride again to exit. Lastly the souvenir shop. We spend almost 2 hours there and we couldn’t finish all the stations. The children were tired and hungry, we headed for lunch at the Spring Garden restaurant. It has a pretty high tech wireless service button on the table to call for service, bill or water.

    • Chinese New Year – 2nd Day

      February 20, 2007

      I drove down to KL to meet my parents. There was not much traffic driving down. On the other side of the road was badly jammed. I think it started from Rawang all the way to Ipoh. While I was driving, I found that, there were overpriced cars (“Bs” & “Ms”) that were speeding. I seldom see those cars adhere to speed limit. I guess they are rich enough to pay the fine. Some doesn’t have the patience to wait for you to get off the right lane to pass through but cut through from the left lane. :snooty: I wonder where are they rushing to?

      Anyway, in the car my children were practicing on wishing my parents “Gong Xi Gong Xi”

      Mummy: When you see por por and koong kong, what must you say?
      Tim: Gong Xi Fatt Choy *loud & confident*
      Emily: Gong Xi Gong Xi Ne *singing*
      Mummy: You must call por por and koong koong, yeah.
      Children: Okay

      At my parents place.

      Mummy: What must you say children?
      Emily: *hiding behind mummy and very quiet, staring at my parents blankly*
      Tim: *look away shyly*

      So much for the singing and practice. It was much later when they got acquainted that they talked to my parents.

    • Chinese New Year – 1st Day

      February 18, 2007

      Before married, on the first day, I just sit at home waiting for relatives to visit. How cool is that, no need to move butt can collect angpows. My mother is the eldest and my dad has no siblings.

      After married, I followed hubby to visit his parents and his relatives. His parents have a small family, at most we go 2 houses. Second day, we go down to KL and sit at home, waiting for relatives to come. :giggles:

      Today, Chinese New Year falls on a Sunday. Therefore, we visited God’s house first and do the rest of the visitation in the evening. I liked it this way because it is not so hot and my children will not be covered with sweat. I must say I didn’t anticipate so many church couples give my children angpows. I was so worried that I didn’t have enough to give.

      Ooh I remembered one of my friend, she told me she recycle her angpows. Whatever she received for her son, she repacked and gives them away. 😯

      It is raining here, it rained yesterday and today. Usually it will be very hot during Chinese New Year with the scorching sun. This year should be a cool year.

      Anyway, here wishing all of you, a Blessed Chinese New Year & a great piggy year ahead. I am still waiting for a BIG angpow from my boss. :angel:

    • MyHouse

      February 16, 2007

      In the middle of my busy work schedule, Sasha asked me to draw a house. What? Okay, since I need a break, I click the link and drew. Tada…done. I live next to Shannon and Jess. How cool is tat? I have great neighbours.


      Click here to view.

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    • CNY – Angpows

      February 15, 2007

      Chinese New Year is 3 days away and have you packed your red packets yet (angpow)? I know a friend who lists down how much money the children gets from friends or relatives. She will use the same list to distribute the same amount out to the same friends or relatives’ children. Do you do that? Wow, she must spend a lot of time analyzing it. I don’t do that. I usually give the same amount to everyone, closer relatives will get more.

      For some, they look at the economics trend, good times they give more, not so good times and they give less. There was one year where everyone was changing coins to give out. They are heavier in mass but not in value. :giggles:

      Do you know that the Cantonese family gives out individual angpow from each parent? When I was young, I received 2 each per family. However the Hokkien family gives out 1 from both parents. There will be some savings there.

      I have a friend and he is in his early 30s. He had all his angpows untouched in a little piggy bank. 30 years of angpows and that could be a lot of money there. As for me, I banked in my children’s angpows money into their accounts. Even their full moon angpows are all in there. I can say they are richer than me. 😥

      For those folks who do not know what angpow is and why we give them out. It is a Chinese tradition and it is a belief that it brings blessings, longevity and prosperity which we all want. It is given by married people to unmarried people during Chinese New Year or special occasion like birthday or full moon of a newborn. Children love to receive it.

      I am so not ready for CNY. I just got back and I have not done my CNY shopping. No oranges, no drinks, no cookies and no kuaci. Today I rushed to the back to change money and get the angpow packets. I must do some last minute shopping else anyone comes to visit me, I can only offer Jelly Beans. :giggles:

    • My Valentine

      February 14, 2007

      I liked to dedicate today to my hubby. He has been an excellent hubby and a great dad. While I was away on my business trip, he took care of the children without any issue. Emily had fever 2 days before I was back. He took leave to monitor her closely. He made sacrifices for our children and me.

      Throughout my 7 years of marriage with him, he never once fought with me. We have our ups and downs, but he always worked at it to make it better. He was never too angry to make a big argument. In fact, he never like to have any argument, he just keeps silence till things cool off. Even when I am in the wrong, he apologized. His abundance patience never goes empty.

      I remembered once I accidentally knock his precious costly DSLR camera on the floor. Not a word of anger did he said. He even consoled me calmly saying “It is okay dear”. If I was in his shoe, I probably flamed up but he didn’t. That’s him with a gentle spirit.

      Honey, I have to say this to you. I love you and Happy Valentine. You are the best that God has ever given to me and our family.

      For you, try to look at your partners’ good points and you will see all the wonderful things that you are so bless with.