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    • Exams Done

      October 30, 2012

      Exams are over for the year for my children. They just declared holidays. Their school is a little weird because my son had his exams earlier then followed by my girl. There are things they have to put away until after exams like watching TV, playing computer games and movie night. Because of this the sister has to wait for the brother to finish and vice versa. I would prefer both having exams on the same week.

      Another strange thing is that the teachers request them to return all the borrow text and workbooks. I wonder after they return them, what are they going to do in school? I will assume that there is no teaching or homework. They just go to school and wait until bell rings. How silly??!!

      I asked my children to bring books to school to read. My girl also told me that one of her teacher told her she will be on leave. Wow I guess she cannot wait till school break. It always makes me wonder about Malaysia Education System, has it gone down the drain?

      What’s next?

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    • Know More About Draculaura

      Draculaura™ is turning 1600 and is throwing the party of the millennium. She is the daughter of Dracula. She wears a beautiful outfit to celebrate her 1600th birthday. She still looks pretty at age of 1600. She loves to splash her black outfit with her pink frilly umbrella.

      She has a Freaky Flaw which is she has no reflection on the mirror. Imagine going out of the house, without knowing her clothes or makeup are right. She did manage to overcome it by practicing. Her least favorite subject is Geography.

      Draculaura Doll By Mattel

      Emily was pretty excited with the doll. She carried with her everywhere. Draculaura comes in a beautiful dress, lots of lace and shine. The doll came with a doll stand, a brush, exclusive skeleton key invite, scary cool outfit, and a birthday present.

      Emily styled her and took many pretty pictures of her. A very pretty doll, I must say. It is a great doll to have and it is an excellent gift for any girls, especially to girls who like spooky things.

      Special Exclusive Skeleton Key

      Let me tell you the secret of the special exclusive skeleton key. You can download the (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) app from iTunes called Monster High Sweet 1600 Birthday Party. You are automatically invited with the exclusive skeleton key.

      Here is a special video to show you how to get to the party with the special key. You can unlock the door without going through the quizzes. It is also fun if you want to crack the code with those interesting quizzes.


      Yes, you can win either Draculaura or Frankie Stein dolls for your girl! Stay Tune for the next post. 3 pretty dolls will be given out to 3 winners! I am so excited. You can get the doll for free.

      Next Up

      Meet Frankie Stein & Clawdeen Wolf on the upcoming posts.

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    • Team Family

      October 23, 2012

      I was reading someone’s blog and she was reviewing some Barbie products. At the end of her review, she mentioned there will be a giveaway contest.

      The main thing of the contest is to write a slogan. I came up with the skeleton of the slogan. I told my children that we will join the contest and we have to think of something related to design and fashion starting with these letters F, A, S, H, I, O, N.

      They started writing it on the white board. Some of the words that they came up with were sexy, fat, super, horrible, naughty, silly, haunted, alien and many other funny ones that I have forgotten.

      Anyway, here is what we came up with in the end for the slogan.

      Notable Design

      I was so excited that the blogger told me that we have won. First time, having a family team effort to win a contest is priceless moment. I am sure there are many more contests in the future that we put our heads together. I love joining contests. It is not the prize but the satisfaction of winning.

      Here is what we won! My girl is happy with the reward but she has to wait till her exam to be over before she can play.

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    • Monster High Dolls

      October 22, 2012

      What makes a happy girl? Gifts of dolls, of course! Did you see her big smile? Well you can win one of these if you follow my blog. You can also make your girl happy. Yeap, there will be giveaway of these dolls soon! Look out for it.

      Monster High Dolls from Mattel are penetrating into Malaysia toys market. Just in time to celebrate Halloween. These are frighteningly fashionable teenage children of the world’s most famous monsters! Their parents are well known characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf and others.

      I will be introducing the dolls to you in the upcoming post on Draculaura Sweet 1600 Doll. These dolls are suited for older age children, even teenagers.

      Again, keep reading and you can win one of these dolls. I am so excited to give it to you!


      To find out more about this dolls, please visit

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    • Early Christmas Shopping

      October 18, 2012

      I told you I will show you what I got from CottonOn. Here ya go! I took the opportunity of the FREE SHIP. I love my RM6 sandals and my RM15 shoes. The flip flops were a steal, RM6 each. There were 2 tops that I got. One which they send me the wrong order and credited me for their mistake. The other one, the material was a little thin. No more online shopping for clothes, it always doesn’t turn out right.

      First Order:

      2nd Order:

      I also ordered shoes for my girl but both times, the sizes were wrong. I cannot believe it! Well I will give it to my friend’s daughter. So far I like what I ordered.

      Now I have to buy over RM250 to get freeship. I will stop spending money for now.

      By the way another GOOD NEWS, watch my blog, soon there is some FREE GIVEAWAYS! I am SO EXCITED!!!!

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    • Craft DIY Miniature Rooms

      October 15, 2012

      I like to do things with my hands like origami, cross-stitches or gardening. Most of these stuff except for gardening, I can do during my night teleconference where I am not the host. These crafts can keep me awake and de-stress.

      The other day I was shopping and I found these DIY craft set. I fell in love with it. The shop displayed the finish work. I got 2 sets, hoping to do with my girl, ended up I did it all. She is happy because she can play with it. She uses her Lego minifigures as house visitors.

      Here are some pictures….

      New Project Coming Soon!

    • My girl is pretty excited about a charity event. She was given a card to collect funds. The funds will goes to her school in tiling the assembly area so that the students can sit and putting a roof over it so that they don’t need to stand under a hot sun.

      The event was held on a Saturday and surprisingly she woke up at 6am! She was excited because there is a lucky draw. The first prize is a 32 inch LCD TV. Other prizes include Washing Machine, Notebook, vouchers and smaller prizes. She wanted to win herself a TV.

      And she went. She did win something but it was a Notepad but with pages….hahahaha. It was her first time winning something.

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    • CottonOn Shopping Spree

      October 9, 2012

      Someone introduced me to Cotton On website that provides free ship to Malaysia. I wished there are many more of these sites in Malaysia. Anyway, I browse through the items for sale and some of it was really cheap. Initially I wanted to buy stuff for my children. However, there are not many items that have their sizes.

      Ended up, I bought stuff for myself. I got sandals for RM6, shoes for RM15, tops for RM10-30 and other stuff.

      If you have kids under 7, you can go visit the website and get something cheap for your children. The website is!

      I will show you what I bought when I get it!

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    • TV Hunting

      October 5, 2012

      It is time for me to change my TV as it is not working for months or maybe a year now. I am surveying around. I am eye-ing on the Samsung Smart TV. The other day I was at one of the electrical shop and saw a huge TV with a camera. My girl started playing with it, using hand motion to remote control the TV.

      Guess what? Next thing, she found angry bird app on the TV and started playing with it. Anyway it is a cool TV with hand motion and voice recognition. However it is way too expensive for my budget. I just need a Smart TV with internet and wifi capability so that I can use it to watch some online movies. I am sure my kids would like that too as they are always using my work LED screen to watch online cartoon.

      My girl told me, “Mummy, this Saturday we have a lucky draw event in my school and the first price is a TV. If I win the TV then you don’t have to buy!” I replied, “Keep Dreaming!” Hahahaha…

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