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  • MyBabyBay

    • Mybabybay 2.2.1

      July 9, 2007

      Finally after 3 years, I have moved my blog from version 1.5.2 to 2.2.1. I was so used to the editor in 1.5.2 that I was reluctant to move. The editor is a simple form of text and code input where I can write code on it without any hassle. The new version restricts or mess up my codes.

      However as time goes on a lot of new plugins do not work for legacy versions. I had to do something before my blog turn into antic and cannot be upgraded.

      The process of upgrading a legacy blog is tedious. First I need to export the entire blog into xml format. The first extraction was 16MB and my host can only take 2MB. :wall: I learn that I had to delete some spam comments from my database. After deletion, it shrinks to 4MB. Not bad eh, still not good enough. I had to split the files into 2MB each.

      Second roadblock, after I imported the post over, my PPP post have to be renumbered to match with what I submitted to PPP. I had to twitch the database to do that. Nothing complicated.

      Third step, copy the links over using the database export and import.

      Last step, the easiest, that is to copy the template by copying the template folder to the new blog.

      All in a days work. Sorry for the technical boring post but it is an achievement for me. It feels good to successfully tackle roadblocks. I hope with this new version, you won’t face TCPIP or network error. If you do, sorry it is my host server fault.

    • I PASSED

      September 18, 2006

      Thanks for all your wishes. I received an email from the trainer that I passed my ITIL. :dance: It just came at the right time as I was really stress last week because one of my projects messed up. Now cleaning the mess. 😥

      Hooray I am ITIL certified. What next? What should I study next? Any ideas?

    • Exams Exams Exams

      August 7, 2006

      How many of you who have left school or college or university but still get haunted by exams? I thought I could escape from it but it seems not.

      I have lots of nightmares about exams. The dreams were always about the exam time is running out and I have completed all the questions or maybe got stuck in the first few questions. A few times, I dreamt I had missed one box of those objective sheet and all the following answers were out of sync. I even dreamt that I totally forgot to study for the subject and went into the exam hall point blank. These dreams really give me sweaty palms. Anyone can explain or interpret why I am having these dreams?

      Come to think of it, I never fail any subject in my University time. However I still do not understand why I have this exam phobia. There is one time when my monthly test was a total disaster. The test was simple, it was mathematics, I had to build up the answers with the formula given. I got nervous and started with the wrong figure, all the figures after that was wrong. Got an egg for that test. Fortunately they took the best 5 out of those monthly tests to add to the finals.

      Enough about the nightmares because it will become a reality soon, let’s hope not. I will be getting myself certified with basic ITIL. It is a requirement for me to take it. With this course, I need go for lectures for 3 days, study, burn midnight oil, no shopping and sit for an hour paper at the end. :wall: It will make me very nervous. Jazzmint, who is already basic ITIL certified, send me some mock up exams papers and answers. It helps a lot to bring down my anxiousness.

    • Genuine or Not Genuine

      April 26, 2006

      I am not sure how many have read TheStar yesterday. Starting today, Microsoft will put an annoying pop-up on your screen if you are not using a genuine copy of Microsoft.

      Read here:

      By the way, I heard it was crack within 24 hours of the first release.


      other suggestions:

    • Photoshop Tip

      October 28, 2005

      Everyone is into Photoshop, let me share a very useful tip that my hubby used, to do the picture above. This is the easiest way to select a person or an item in the picture. You can throw away the magnetic lasso after learning this.

      Instruction here: Photoshop Cropping Object

    • Penang Bridge Traffic Camera

      September 6, 2005

      This is a cool website to show you, the real time traffic in Penang Bridge via camera. Don’t do any hanky panky on the bridge…


    • Adobe Photoshop

      August 7, 2005

      I love Photoshop as it helps me to edit photos or any images. It can help to do a digital makeup on the photo. It can beautify a picture. It is not hard to learn the basic of this tool but if you want to advance to the next level, do get books. My hubby just got a few books on it, mostly tips & tricks. He is into photography. Hey look at what he did to a photo.

      Now you see it, now you don’t. All the slime from the nose is gone.



      By the way, the top logo is done using Photoshop too. I just don’t have time to play around else I can create more fun things. Like this one that I did years ago:

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