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    • Congratulations to these winners!!! I will be reaching out to you through email on your prize. Thank you the rest for participating. If you want the Monster High dolls, do go to Toys’Rus.

      1. CL Says:

      Given name: Makayla
      Personality: Just as the meaning of the name suggested, ‘who resemble God?’ Makayla has a God like heart and kindness. She has dark shiny hair and striking features, but don’t her beautiful sweet face fool you, she is possessiveness, egotism or has a more dominating personality. She believes she is the leader of all. However, she is optimistic, honest and loyal to her family and friends.

      When she is mad or crossed at something, everybody would know because she screams extremely loud and her hair are all spike up and her finger nails grow longer.

      2. Malaika Says:

      Given name: Violet Tutan
      Personality: She is the only out of wed lock daughter of Tutankhamun. Her distinct feature is her violet hair and voilet-ish skin tone. She loves playing the piano and can sing really well. She loves baking but is a horrible baker. Somehow her baking goods tastes like dirt. Her friends doesn’t have the heart to tell her the truth, so they always pretend that her baking products were delish. They even convinced her to open a pastry shop. She hates dishonest people. When she is angry, she goes back to the violet pyramid and plays The flight of the bumblebee piece.

      3. Jenny Says:

      Lysandera ‘Ly’ Davenport is a skinny and tall elf. She is dark-haired with brown eyes that seem to stare into your soul. She is very pretty but believes herself dimmed in comparison to the other ghouls. She is long-limbed but has very delicate features. She has very pointy elbows and dark eyebrows. Ly is easily upset and can be provoked by mild actions, she’s sensitive. She is strong and witty, and always says straight out what’s she’s thinking. She isn’t shy; on the contrary she’s one of the most confident elves. She is capable of very high things including giving others the confidence that they need. Ly is, in truth, an elf with the power to tell stories so enchanting and powerful that they could capture a person and actually make them feel as though they were living in the story. She also loves singing and nature.

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    • The giveaway has been now closed. Thank you for participating…

      This is your last chance to win a gift for yourself or your child. You can win Monster High – Create-A-Monster Starter Set. Here is how. It is the best engineer dolls you will ever get! You or your child will love it.


      Answer this question in the comment box:

      If you could create your monster, tell us the name and it’s personality…

      Hint: Use the most creative way to answer this question for a greater chance to win!

      Contest is open to anyone with a Malaysia Shipping Address.
      Contest End Date: 9th Jan 2013

      By the way, here is a great video for you to watch to boost your creative cells. A Flash Mob from Monster High at Pavillion. Those kids are really talented….Malaysia Kids Boleh!


    • I must applause Mattel Monster High team for this creative set. I believed it is the best engineered dolls I ever seen. With this Create-A-Monster Starter Set, basically you can create your doll with all the given body parts. You can mix and match. It is very easy to put on and take off!

      Emily likes this set very much as she can create her own kind of doll. You can purchase separate sets to mix and match. They even have a couple of sets for boys.

      Emily and I were looking at which dolls we like the best. She and I like the one with the mermaid tail.

      Stay tune for a chance to win a set of this on the upcoming post. LAST CHANCE!

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    • GIVEAWAY ENDED! Come back for your last chance. Keep Reading…

      Don’t you wish you have one of these beautiful dolls? Yes you can. Read on.

      All Mattel Monster High Dolls come with a killer style

      Draculaura Killer Style:
      She love to splash her black outfits with cheery pink and she even carry a frilly umbrella so she can take an occasional walk in the sun.

      Frankie Stein Killer Style:
      Her friends love to take her shopping for some scary cute clothes that are absolutely to die for. Of coz her beautiful shiny gold hair with black stripes is so cool!

      Clawdeen Wolf
      She is fierce fashionista with a confident no-nonsense attitude. She is also gorgeous, intimidating and absolutely loyal to her friends

      Cleo De Nile
      She is a true Egyptian princess complete with headdress exotic jewelry and oh yeah, the occasional stray bandage wrapping.

      Lagoona Blue
      She likes to creep out in her baggies, tank top and floppies. But she also like to show up to parties in her scary cute dress just to show everybody she can pull off the look.

      Ghoulia Yelps
      Her horn-rimmed “geek chic” glasses. They absolutely go with everything.

      Wow! Don’t you love their unique styles? Now it is your turn….to win one of the 9 dolls above, you need to answer the question below in the comment box:

      Each Monster High doll has a killer style, what is your killer style? Tell us which character reflects your personal fashion sense…

      Hint: Please visit for character details.

      Contest is open to anyone with a Malaysia Shipping Address.
      Contest End Date: 9th Dec 2012

      All the best to you! Remember to earn a better chance of winning, use your creativity to answer the question.

    • Clawdeen is the daughter of the Werewolf. She is a gorgeous and loyal to her friends. She is a fierce fashionista. In fact I love her shoes or boots. She is Frankie Stein and Draculaura BFF. She is gorgeous with her purple outfit. She also has a pet name Crescent, a cute little kitten.

      Emily found her profile from the Monster High Booklet:

      Clawdeen Doll By Mattel

      I must say she is one classy doll! She also comes with an elegant bag, diary, brush and doll stand. Again I like her boots! She also has cool earrings. This fierce fashionista definitely knows how to rock an animal print. With touches of “gold” (to showcase her favorite color) and claw-accented accessories (to celebrate her heritage), this outfit is something to roar about.

      Emily likes reading her diary and she kept telling me about her. The diary does have very interesting stories about her. The diary is a superb way of getting to know the doll more!

      Giveaway: Next Post!

      Yes, you can win one of the 9 most fabulous Monster High Dolls. I am excited to give it to you. Watch and read the next post. With a little creativity, you can be the winner! Do look out for it….

      Now here is the Monster High family, one of them is a human. Do you know who? Ask Emily, she been telling me over and over again. You can also check it out at

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    • Know More About Frankie Stein

      Frankie Stein™ daughter of Frankenstein, has a monster sense of style. She has the perfect figure for fashion with touches of black and white and a mix of colors and prints (to celebrate her own “mixed” heritage), this outfit gives fashionistas something to scream for. She has a pet named Watzit™. Her favorite colors are black and white stripes.

      Her freaky flaw is that her stitches sometimes come loose at the worst possible moments. Once her arm flew off at fearleading tryouts and landed right in front of the most creeporific guy at Monster High. She was mortalfied.

      Frankie Stein Doll By Mattel

      She comes with beautiful shiny gold hair with black stripes. She doesn’t look freaky to me. My girl was happy to read her diary and get to know more about her. She wanted to play the iPhone quiz game. She did manage to unlock the code without the electronic key.

      The doll comes with doll stand, brush, diary and accessory. I was reading her diary too and found some very interesting stories about her. Now I do wish Mattel will create a book series on Monster High if they haven’t done it yet. I always love to see my children reading books.

      Emily captured some nice shots on the dolls, don’t you reckon? These dolls are great for Christmas gifts!!!

      Frankie Stein iPhoneApp Quiz Using The Diary


      Next Up, I will introduce Clawdeen Wolf™ to you. Another fierce but sweet doll.


      Baby Darren

      You have won either a Draculaura or Frankie Stein Doll! For those who didn’t win, wait for the upcoming post for more giveaways!!!

      Please contact asha [at} and provide your delivery address and contact number.

      Baby Darren Says:
      1. Special Exclusive Skeleton Key
      2. My freaky flaw is my “bulging tummy”..people always asked am I pregnant and I told them..”Yes..I am pregnant with fats..and there are not due yet..”So, I embraced it with funny replies to them and of course, I try to wear loose fitting to hide them.

      Sharine Says:
      1) Exclusive Skeleton Key
      2) I’m super scare of chicken, moreover an alive chicken which I dare not go near. But whenever I need to help MIL or my mother to prepare a chicken meal, I make sure I don’t see the whole chicken. So I overcome it by purposely buy chicken with no head, feet, and cut into separated portion then only I can cook. Yes, I’m weird!

      Tatiyana Says:
      I hope I’m not too late. Here goes…
      01. Exclusive skeleton key
      02. I’m socially awkward. I find it hard to interact with people, let alone adjusting myself into new environments. As a result, I only have a small circle of friends. Years have passed though, I am now a lonely soul who ventures alone. It’s not that I dislike company, and would rather enjoyed being confined in solitude. Truth be told, I just don’t have the nerve. I have thought of a thousand ways to make people like me. But instead, all I ever did is scaring them off. It sort of makes me feel inhuman.

      Despite the fact of having affected only a number of people in my life… Well, they like me because of the way I am. And that’s something 🙂

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      Yes you can be one of the 3 winners to get these lovely dolls for your child either Draculaura or Frankie Stein doll. The dolls are worth are between RM79.90 and RM99.90. Even if you are a teenager, you also can participate. Contest is open to anyone with a Malaysian address. The comment box is opened for you to type your answers. READY??!!

      To enter, it is very simple. Answer these questions below in your own words in the comments box.

          1. What comes with the Draculaura Sweet 1600 set that automatically invites you to the party?
          2. What’s your Freaky Flaw and how do you embrace it?

      Simple right? Hint to Q1 is in here. Remember to leave your email address so that we can contact you if you win! All the best!

      Closing Date: Fri 11th Nov 2012.
      Results Date: Week of the 12th Nov
      Open to all who has a Malaysian address to ship the doll to!

      *Hint*:Be very creative in answering Q2 so that your answers stand out, increase your chances of winning! 🙂


      Next up, do you know who Frankenstein daughter is? She is BFF with Draculaura. She wears a very cool blue outfit! And she is only 15 days old. I will share more in the next post. Stay tune and read it so that you can win more dolls for your child.

    • Know More About Draculaura

      Draculaura™ is turning 1600 and is throwing the party of the millennium. She is the daughter of Dracula. She wears a beautiful outfit to celebrate her 1600th birthday. She still looks pretty at age of 1600. She loves to splash her black outfit with her pink frilly umbrella.

      She has a Freaky Flaw which is she has no reflection on the mirror. Imagine going out of the house, without knowing her clothes or makeup are right. She did manage to overcome it by practicing. Her least favorite subject is Geography.

      Draculaura Doll By Mattel

      Emily was pretty excited with the doll. She carried with her everywhere. Draculaura comes in a beautiful dress, lots of lace and shine. The doll came with a doll stand, a brush, exclusive skeleton key invite, scary cool outfit, and a birthday present.

      Emily styled her and took many pretty pictures of her. A very pretty doll, I must say. It is a great doll to have and it is an excellent gift for any girls, especially to girls who like spooky things.

      Special Exclusive Skeleton Key

      Let me tell you the secret of the special exclusive skeleton key. You can download the (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) app from iTunes called Monster High Sweet 1600 Birthday Party. You are automatically invited with the exclusive skeleton key.

      Here is a special video to show you how to get to the party with the special key. You can unlock the door without going through the quizzes. It is also fun if you want to crack the code with those interesting quizzes.


      Yes, you can win either Draculaura or Frankie Stein dolls for your girl! Stay Tune for the next post. 3 pretty dolls will be given out to 3 winners! I am so excited. You can get the doll for free.

      Next Up

      Meet Frankie Stein & Clawdeen Wolf on the upcoming posts.

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