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    • Here are some pictures of my travel to Colorado Springs. Enjoy!

    • Totally Lost

      May 29, 2011

      I must say I had difficulty finding my car in the parking lot in US. Not once but twice. Their car parks are huge on an open space. Every row is the same. Once I went to the mall, I remembered the entrance and when I exit, I could not find my car. Trust me, I almost wanted to call the security guard to report a lost car. After walking back and forth, I still do not see my car. I did press my car alarm, hoping it will sound when I am near but not even a single sound I heard.

      I went back into the mall and then I realized that there is east and west car park. I realized I got out the wrong door. The doors were so similar that I didn’t notice any difference. Yes, thank goodness I spotted my car. Phew.

      By the way, I like the car plate of my rented car. Isn’t the color cool?

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    • She did very well on her first exam and got straight A’s. I am very happy with it. I didn’t have to do any revision with her. She did it on her own. I did get her some revision and test mock up exercises. She does it when she is free.

      She came to me and asked me to award her with a surprise. I took her shopping today and this is what she got.

    • First Dental

      May 7, 2011

      My children first dental appointment and I missed being there with them. I booked the dental appointment for them 2 months ago because this dentist is really popular. I guess he is very good which is why his bookings are always full.

      Anyway, daddy brought them both there. Both got a couple of tooth decay and fillings. I heard from my hubby that the dentist advice them to brush 20 times at all directions.

      By the way, both of them had finished their exams and waiting for their school holidays to come. Oh I do miss them and their laughter.

    • Finger Shopping

      May 2, 2011

      Before I step foot into US, I did some of my shopping online. Thanks to my family friend, he provided his address to me so that I can ship it to his place. I preferred online shopping because it saves me a lot of time and walking. By the way, I got a lot of great deals from Ebay too.

      I got a Lego set which is USD$30 cheaper than US retail price. My son is going to be really surprised when he sees what I got for him. I just hope he keeps the complete set properly. He has the tendency to mix all the Lego together.

      My gal also picked a Mermaid Barbie which is also cheaper in Ebay compared to the local Toy’s R Us store. You can really get great bargains in Ebay or Amazon. The rest of the stuff is mostly books. What do I do without online shopping?

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