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  • MyBabyBay

    • Simply Delicious!

      May 30, 2010

      No words can describe this….

      RM22.50 for 2 huge egg crab! Steam with egg white, ginger and wine.

    • I am not sure how true this is but it is better to take precaution. Take a look at this video about McD Happy Meal, sorry it is in Cantonese.

      Basically the video state that someone bought a Happy Meal and placed it on the shelf for years. Surprisingly she found that the meal didn’t go bad. The fries color remains, burger size shrink and no flies attack too. From the look of it, they suspect the preservatives used may be very strong that no creature wants to attack it.

      I am glad my children are not into burger.

    • Funny Tuesday

      May 25, 2010

      I wonder has this happen to anyone before, if yes, please put your hands up.

      It started in the morning when my gal gave a fuss and papa wanted to get her to school fast. After all it was really late.

      Today after coming back from school, Emily told me that she brought this to school….

      Obviously, papa thought the bag of toys was her school bag. Yeah we have 2 of the same bag, given by a friend. Emily used one as her school bag. The other one, my boy used to keep his toys recently. I guess the bags were switched.

      When I heard her telling me that after school, I teased her. I asked her, when teacher asked you to bring out your books, did you bring out the toys. That would be so funny. :giggles:

    • Less Bloggers Now?

      May 24, 2010

      My Google reader feeds are down to double digits and sometimes single digit. I guess lots of mother bloggers have drop out or on a blog break. I remembered I used to get more than 30-40 of posts to read per day. Now some are in active for a long time.

      For some that includes myself, do not write regularly. I guess my children have grown up and not much to write about them. They are not as adorable as when they were babies. They are going through a different phase. Who knows when they are old enough, they can take over the blog from me.

      Anyway, if you are reading my blog silently, I would like to read yours. Or if you want me to read your blog, just put your blog URL on my comment box without “http://”, just start from www….. This is to prevent my filter from ignoring your comments. I will add you to my Google reader.

    • Mummy Lazy Way

      May 22, 2010

      Well last year, I was very diligent in making Teacher’s Day cards for my children to give to the teachers. It was a nice folded Japanese doll. My son only gave 1 away and the left over, he messed it all up in the bag.

      This year, I asked them what they want to give, Emily wanted to give flowers. That’s easy. I ordered carnation for them. I also made a few potpourris to attach to the flowers. It was easy. Both their teacher’s day was moved to last Friday 21st May. What a coincident?

      I was really in doubt that my boy will go and give away the flowers. In fact I asked him many times and he gave me a confirmation. Emily was excited because she had water play in school too.

      End of Friday, my boy came back with an empty bag. That’s a relief. I really didn’t think he could do it. He gave to every teacher. On top of that, he went into other classes to give the flower to one of his teachers because that teacher didn’t come to his class. I was shocked by his bravery. He distributed all. Trust me he is a very quiet & shy boy in school. He is so quiet that the teacher always allowed him to go home first while punishes others for being noisy. I am so proud of him.

      Happy Teacher’s Day!!

    • Anxious Mom

      May 19, 2010

      Exam week is here and I am anxious. I am sure, most of you who has kids in primary are. My mother was not anxious when I was in school. Maybe she hid the feelings very well.

      Anyway, yesterday was the start of my boy’s midterm exam. I was worried about his BM paper and Moral because it is not his cup of tea. I was worried that he cannot do the composition (karangan) part. The last test was a disaster for him because he left that section blank.

      As he stepped foot into the house after school, he has a grinning face. He said “Mummy, the paper was easy”. He started telling me what was in the paper. It was a relief for me. I guess he is more focus in this exam because I told him if he gets below 50 marks, he will not have any TV and computer for 1 month.

      Ok, now I just have to wait for his marks to come back. Today is English and Science. Now I know why mothers get white hair and wrinkles after they have children. 😛

    • Mummy Plumber

      May 16, 2010

      One of my bathroom pipes got an air bubble trap in the pipe and the water cannot flow out even when I turned on the tap. It happened before in the master bathroom but I do not have a clue, why or how it happens. The pipe is connected to my toilet bowl and no water going in there. I am frustrated because I cannot flush.

      On previous occasion, my hubby called the plumber to fix it. It cost RM80 just to fix it.

      However this time around, I wanted to fix it myself. I sort of learn the trick from my plumber. I get a long host. Put one end on a working tap and the other on the problem tap. The host must be locked on to the tap. You can use a clip but I just hold it tight with my hand. If you don’t do that, the water can get splashing all over the place.

      I turned on the water on the working tap, the water will flow into the problem tap. It will eventually flush out the air bubble in the pipe. I need to let the water runs for a while, 2 to 3 minutes. Then I will remove the host of the problem tap while the water is still running, be prepare to get wet. If the water flows out, let it run and the air bubble will eventually released.

      It took me a couple of tries to get it working. Wah lah…got the water running from the problem tap. It was worth it because it saved me RM80 which I can used to treat my family to a nice dinner.

      Here is a picture of what I am talking about:

    • Here is the story, I was hearing this case while waiting for mine.

      It is a case against Maid Agency. Let’s name the person A. A engage a maid agency to get a maid to look after her baby and SIL baby. The agency provided her a maid. After working a few days, the maid said she don’t want to take care of baby. She ran away but A’s husband found her. A return her to the agency and ask for a replacement. In total, A paid more than 8K.

      Agency didn’t give her any maid and it is already 8 months. A insist that the maid the agency sent must have a passport which the previous maid didn’t have.

      Agency gave a lot of excuse saying that the approval process takes a long time, bla…bla…bla.
      Tuan President awarded A with 7K+, agency has to pay A back within 14 days.

      There you go, if you have any maid agency issue, you can bring it to consumer court.

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    • It is me against a giant but I guess justice was on my side. I decided to file a case against Celcom for charging me internet usage which I didn’t use. The story is here and here.

      It is very easy to file a Consumer Tribunal case and you go to do it online. I blog about the procedure here. It is RM5 per submission.

      Today is the hearing day, started at 9am. It was a small court room with the Tuan President as the judge seated right in front like a normal court room. We were brief before the Tuan President arrived that arguments are not allowed and stick to the case by the officer.

      There were many other cases before me. The time came for me to sit at the claimant seat and the defendant on his seat. Celcom assigned a branch manager to defend the case.

      At first, the judge encouraged us to make a settlement. He suggested to us to settle on an appropriate amount like RM75. Ok, I thought I didn’t want to upset the jugde, a good impression would be favorable, I agreed with the amount.

      The branch manager, a nice chap couldn’t decide because Celcom gave him some directions. I guess his company image is also at stake. He was also looking to see any reporters around. Too bad none! He asked the Tuan President permission to call HQ. Tuan President gave a short recess while he made the call. No hearing was made yet.

      The branch manager came back and told me, Celcom willing to go for RM50 and he said he will pay me RM25 in cash. The total still amounted to RM75. I was against that idea because I suspect the RM25 may be from his own pocket.

      Tuan President came back, the branch manager told him Celcom is only willing to pay RM50 and I said “No”.

      The hearing started and everything was recorded by the Tuan President. He took my statement and his defend statements. I had all the evidences

      1. There was no continuous charge of 70 sen internet when I started with Celcom in Dec, charges came in after I return from overseas.

      2. Celcom cannot provide any URL, valid IP and how much data I downloaded during my access.

      3. Now I am with Digi and there was no auto browsing.

      After hearing, he asked the defendant for his final word then he passed judgment.


      It was not enough to cover my half day leave but it was the justice I was seeking.

    • Suprised By Her Words

      May 11, 2010

      We were having dinner at Sushi King. As usual Tim took a long time to finish his meal. Emily was bored and she said, “Mummy, when are we going to retire from Sushi King?” My hubby and I were surprised by her words. We don’t speak like that. I asked her where she learns it, she gave a cheeky giggle.

      By the way, while I was teaching Timothy on division, she wanted to learn. Guess what? She mastered division very well with 2 digit numbers. If I could, I always wanted to start her primary 1 ahead of time. Too bad, no such system here.