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    • Ah Ma….Ah Pa…

      Today, I was working from home as well as taking care of my baby gal. Her babysitter has to run errands for CNY. I can’t afford to take so many days leave as those leaves are reserved for emergency. You know, with children, you cannot predict anything.

      Anyway, my gal utter precious words today…she call out “Ah ma” and “Ah pa”. At first I tot she said, “mum mum”. Later during lunch, when my hubby was home, he heard “ah ma” and “ah pa”.

      The funny thing is that she hardly utter words since she was born. At 2nd month, she probably said “un gu gu” and that’s it. Never heard any new words after that. Even ungugu disappear from her vocab.

      Precious moments….cannot even capture using Kodak.

      Published on February 7, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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