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      My gal is 8 months now. She has been eating quite a bit. Her feeding timetable looks like this:

      7am – 8 oz of milk
      10am – 8 oz of milk
      12-1 pm – 1 bowl of porridge & fruits
      4pm – 8 oz of milk
      6pm – 1 bowl of porridge
      8-8.30pm – 8 oz of milk

      She is learning how to stand now. Just last week, she slip and fell, bum her cheek, a bit blue black. Babysitter said “Not yet CNY, got angpow liao”. Now I am so worried about her falling. Must keep an extra eye on her.

      As for my son’s feeding timetable. He is opposite of my gal. He likes to eat lots of junk food.

      8am – 8 oz of milk
      10am – Noodle or Pau or Cake
      Junkies in between
      1pm – Lunch (Rice/Noodle/Pasta)
      Junkies in between
      3pm – Sometimes 8 oz of milk when he wakes up from NAP
      5/6pm – Dinner (Rice)
      8pm – 8 oz of milk

      His weight is not going up much, oh well at least it goes up, that counts.


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