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      A toddler’s mood is so unpredictable. He can be happy, singing and yaking away at one moment. Next moment, he will throw his tantrum without any reasons. I am not sure what had happened that cause that reaction. He cannot speak well to tell me why he is so upset.

      When he throws a tantrum, you cannot win. He will say he want to go wee wee. You ask him to wee wee. He said no wee wee, no wee wee. If you close the toilet door and say ”No wee wee, ok. Don’t cry” Then he will say “I want wee wee, I want wee wee”. It is like never ending story. He will oppose anything you suggest. Ask him want to eat, he will say don’t want to eat. Then you tell him, ok don’t eat. He will say he wants to eat. The best is just to leave him alone. Eventually he will stop yelling and crying. I will hug him. There are times, he will get spanking too till he stop his tantrum. After that, mummy will follow through with him and tell him that is in NOT OK to throw a tantrum follow by hugs.

      Wondering what is wrong. Does he have a bad day in nursery? Did the teacher scold him? The teachers always tell me he is pretty quiet and shy in school. Or this is another phase of growing up?

      Published on March 26, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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