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      I finally know why my son has been acting strangely lately. I told the school(nursery) principal(P) about my son’s tantrum and ask her whether was there any bad incident happen in school that could cause it. It is wise to always talk to the school principal or teacher to work things out. Discuss about the situation and never put blame on either party for the benefit of the child.

      P was very responsible because when I reported the tantrum, she was not there but she immediately called my husband after she heard what happen. Anyway I had a discussion with her later in the evening. She told me what happen.

      She said there was a newboy in school, he is only 2, in my son’s class. As he is new in school, he cried most of the time. He gets teacher to carry him all the time. Obviously the teacher gave him too much attention and other children felt the lack of it. Other children have been acting up too. Strangely there was a tough boy who rarely cries, burst into tears.

      P alerts the teacher to give equal attention to every child and she will monitor the situation. P likes my son a lot. My son is one of those shy and quiet, never become naughty when strangers are around. Strangely yesterday, P told me that he didn’t want to participate in any of the school activity but just stand in the corner to observe.

      At least now, my son is a wee bit happier, very chatty when he reaches home. I hope situation improves.

      Published on March 30, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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