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      I have good neighbours. I may have a bad impression of them when they first moved in, next door due to some minor petty things. However I still greet them and smile when I see them. Somehow through time, our relationship got better and found out a lot about each other.

      A few months ago, I was desperately looking for a babysitter because the former babysitter had to go for surgery. It was emergency. I turn to my neighbour for help to see whether they know anyone around who is babysitting. I knew that they have a friend across the road that baby-sits. My neighbour did talk to her and the babysitter agrees to baby-sit my gal. I was really happy because of the conveniences.

      After 2 weeks, the babysitter had a serious back problem and told us that she could not baby-sit my gal any longer. Back to babysitter hunting again. One night, my next-door neighbour came and told us that she would like to baby-sit my gal. She is a mother of 3 and never baby-sits before. She is a good cook, I can always smell her delicious food from my house. I agree to let her take care of my gal.

      It has been 10 months now and our relationship grew better. Her family is big, she has a FIL, MIL, hubby, 3 children and SIL leaving in the house. She doesn’t mind helping us during certain holidays. She bring over some of her delicious asam laksa for us a few times. We also bring back sgifts for her whenever we go on vacation. During festive seasons, we will buy specialties for them. Sometimes our kids play behind the house. There is a small lane behind the house whereby the kids will cycle their bicycles or play badminton.

      2 nights ago, my hubby forgot to lock the gate before he went to sleep. We got a call from the neighbour tell us we forgot to lock our gate. How sweet of them. There is a true story that one family got rob during their vacation and their neighbours didn’t bother to do anything due to bad relationship.

      We should build good relationship with our neighbours. First impression may not always be the truth. As you know your neighbours, you may find things are different. Avoid being frustrated with petty things. Be good to your neighbours and they will return the same.

      Published on May 6, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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