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      I read many articles in magazines and forums for parenthood. I found a lot of mothers like to either compare or make criticism/negative remarks over certain topics. A few topics that I have constantly come across are:

      SAHM (Stay At Home Mothers) supersedes Working Mum.
      Exclusive Breastfeeding vs Formula milk powder.
      Normal Birth vs C-Sect

      I shall not harp on what is good and what is bad or pass judgments. Who am I to pass judgment and who are you to do so either? How do we know that whatever we proposed is 100% suitable in every family? Why do we always look down on Working Mums, over SAHM or vise versa? I always get very frustrated at people who claim SAHM is best for the children and every mother should quit their jobs and do the same. It is so narrow minded thoughts. Hey one mother actually made a comment over this, which I love. If all the mothers quit their job, there will be no motherly teachers, nurses or doctors.

      For mothers out there, whether you are working or stay at home, you are doing a great job. Whatever it is, look at what is best for your family and spend quality time with your children. Think positive.

      I find that it is really sad when people criticize. Why do people always look at other people in a negative manner? How often do we actually look at people in a positive manner and pick up his or her good points? Hey I am guilty of doing the same. I am learning to see people good character and harvest on it. Don’t you feel good when someone compliment you? Do the same for your children and they will grow up in a healthy manner.

      When you criticize, you frown and when you compliment you smile. It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three to frown.

      Published on May 10, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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