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      Today while going to work, my hubby and I did a good deed. How? My hubby drove past a guy who was digging his wallet by the roadside behind his parked car. My hubby saw one whole chunk of money (some RM50 and RM10 notes) fell on the ground but the guy didn’t notice. My hubby already went past, about 10 feet away. He made a small honking sound. The guy was still very blurred and wondering what was that all about. He cross the road and didn’t know notice his missing $$$. My hubby made a joke, later this guy has no money to pay for his breakfast.

      Anyway, it was already 7:45am and I have a telecon at 8 am. We stop, and I got down from the car, shouted at him “Oiiii encik, duit tercicir”. (My bahasa still as good.) He still look at me blur blur. I shouted again and pointed at the place he drop his money. He look and he wave to say thank you.

      Fortunately I made it to the telecon and was 2 minutes early. I don’t like to be late for telecon. Imagine people waiting for you to start, it is quite rude but most Malaysians don’t realize it. If I am going to be late, I will always call someone to say I am going to be late.

      I also complemented my hubby for being so observant and sharp, ha ha usually he is not.

      Published on May 17, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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