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      I studied in Australia for 5 years. One thing I learnt from there is how to eat Tim Tam. Tim Tam is actually originated from Australia. It is actually a chocolate coated biscuit and very rich. Here is how you eat it. Get a cup of hot choc or coffee or tea or whatever beverages that you prefer. Please don’t choose Chinese or Green tea, it doesn’t go with chocolate. Bite both end of the Tim Tam and place it right up into the drink and suck like a straw. Immediately after you taste your drink, push the whole Tim Tam into your mouth and let it melt in there. Superbly Delicious!!!! If you don’t do it right, the entire Tim Tam will fall into your drink and melt there.

      My gal have the same concept, I really do not know where she learn it from. She loves to eat Rusk biscuit. I will give her in pieces to prevent her from choking. What she will do is stuff the whole thing in the mouth and wait for it to melt. When it melts, you can tell by the Rusk juice flowing out from her mouth. I see her, I feel like having one. Simply delicious!!

      Published on May 26, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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