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      May 5, 2005

      My son has reached a stage where he needs attention from daddy and I. He likes to shout the words of things he knows and wait for us to acknowledge him. If we ignore him, he will keep repeating the words continuously. Here I am watching television and when the ads come on, he will start his game.

      Son: Airplane (MAS ad)
      Mummy: Yes, airplane clever.

      Son: Apple, Star Fruit (NTV7 ad)
      Mummy: Yes apple and star fruit.

      Son: Formula 1, Formula 1 (F1 ad)
      Mummy: Yes F1

      Son: Baby…Baby… (Huggies ad)
      Mummy starts to ignore.

      Son: Baby Baby Baby Baby….
      Mummy: Yes baby.

      Mummy: *when these ads going to be over*
      Son: Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly (NT7 ad)
      Mummy: Yes butterfly.

      Son: McDonald, McDonald, *pick up his mock up McDonald chicken foldover and show mummy. He will shave the mock up to mummy’s mouth and ask mummy to eat. I will pretend to eat and make a delicious sound. It will make him very very happy.

      Beware if your son gives you attention now, do take him seriously. Why?

      In 15 years time:

      Mummy: dear, how was your day?
      Son: OK.

      Mummy: dear, are you hungry?
      Son: Nope.

      Mummy: dear, what do you want for dinner?
      Son: Anything.

      Mummy: dear. *interrupted*
      Son: I’ll be in my room if you need me.

      End of conversation.

      Scarry isn’t it, oh well treasure the attention while it lasts. Let’s hope my son is not like that.

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    • Let’s talk about mummy. Mummy was born and breed in KL but daddy was born and breed in Penang. How do they meet? Secret, but it is something to do with HAZE.

      KL: Work pressure maximum, pay low.
      Penang: Work benefits maximum, pay compatible.

      KL: Work till 6pm, jam for 1-2 hour, go home, time to sleep, next morning, jam again, no life.
      Penang: Work till 5:30pm, what jam?? Reach home at 6pm. Can even watch TVB series at 6-8pm and play with children. Can work at home also. Opps sorry only a few people have such privileges.

      KL: Money easy come and easy go, too many temptations to spend – FOOD & Shopping
      Penang: Can hardly find anything I want except FOOD but food is affordable (except Nasi Kandar)

      KL: Poor qualities of life, lot of time spend on the road, JAM JAM JAM. Lots of stress people on the road, sometimes can be dangerous. At one time, Mummy was stuck in the jam for 3 hours because of rain.
      Penang: Good qualities of life. Mummy picks me up at 6:30. Sometimes scroll in the park or shopping mall or play at home.

      KL: Good to go during CNY, only time with no cars on the road.
      Penang: Not good to stay here during CNY, lots of car from outstation.

      KL: Love IKEA.
      Penang: Why no IKEA????

      Anyway, Penang has a very nice park called Youth Park. Lots of outdoor activities for adults and children, such as outdoor & indoor gym, outdoor huge chess board, playing pool for kids, foot reflexology, a few kid’s playground, slides, swing and a nice garden, full of fresh air. We love going there. The park is fully utilized and every time we go there, lots of people (old and young) will be there.

      Off topic, let’s talk about kor kor Timmy. He loves to watch advertisement.

      The new delicious grilled chicken foldover from McD:

      His McD chicken foldover: