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      September 4, 2006

      Today, guess what I forgot? I am getting more “big prawn head” a.k.a. forgetful after becoming a mother. I guess most of my brain storage is filled with stuff relating to children. Example:

      Are they doing well in health?
      What do we do tonight, tomorrow, weekend, holidays..etc?
      When to pay school fees?
      What breakfast to buy for them?
      Have I iron their school uniform?
      Do they have enough clothing?
      Bla bla bla…

      Anyway, here are funny incidents that me, look like a big prawn head:

      After showering, I realized I forgot to take my clothes and towel into the bathroom.
      2. I realized I forgot that I wore my contact lens and put my spectacles on, realized that everything is blur.
      3. I wore slipper to work, I had to ask my hubby to turn the car around to get my working shoes. Fortunately it was nearby.
      4. After going downstairs, I realized I forgot to take things upstairs, sometimes I can run up more than 3 times to get the complete the list of things I want upstairs.
      5. I went to the shop and I forget what I want to buy.
      6. I added salt, instead of sugar into my cup of tea.
      7. I sealed the bill payment envelop and forgot to insert the cheque.
      8. I forgot to sign the cheque and send it to IRB for tax payment.
      9. I forgot to turn off the iron, made a black mark on the board. Fortunately it didn’t start a fire because the iron board surface is heat resistance.
      10. I forgot to attend a telecon meeting at night, happily went to sleep.

      Back to the first question, what did I forget? I forgot to bring my blog to work, today. I had it written on my desktop, was supposed to transfer it to my thumb drive and I forgot. Lately I have been doing a lot of Sudoku to keep my brain working. Maybe addicted to it too. :giggles: