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    • Adorable Belle

      November 8, 2006

      I met up with Belle, Vien and family, DomesticGoddess and family. We had a fantastic time talking about blogging, food, labor stories and our jobs. I bought Tim along as I cannot handle 2 children and my hubby is not a gathering type person. I am sure Emily had good quality time with her daddy yesterday.

      Belle was as adorable as ever. She kept chasing my shy Timothy around. She wanted Tim to hold her hands. Below are shots of them.

      It was a great meet-up and another cyber friendship blooming.

    • Family Planning

      November 7, 2006

      Do you gals or guys go through family planning? How many children do you want to have and how many children can you afford to have? My gynae once said that many parents who are working probably go for 2 kids max. For those mothers who are not working will probably have 3 or 4.

      I was fortunate to have a boy and gal. I must thank God for that. There is a tip that I liked to share with you if you are into family planning. If you have a very accurate menstruation cycle, the success rate of getting the gender of your choice is high. Not 100% guarantee of coz.

      So how does it work? It is believed that the male sperms are fast swimmer but they don’t live very long. If you do it during your ovulation period and penetrate deeper in, you have a high changes of getting a boy. However if you want a gal, you should try to do it 4-5 days away from your ovulation period. The fact is that female sperms are slow swimmer but they live longer.

      More tips here:

      All the best and keep me updated.

    • Humor Me II

      November 6, 2006

      Yesterday, I went shopping with my family. At the check out counter, Emily saw something interesting and wanted to buy. I suppose she didn’t know what it was but it did attract her. Anyway, since it was cheap and she has been a good gal, I got it for her.

      Emily: Mummy, pls open for me.
      Mummy: Wait, when you get in the car, I will open for you.
      Emily: In the car ah?
      Mummy: Yes.

      Tim was anxious too, as there were 3 of it. He will anticipate that his sister will give him one.

      Mummy: Come, let me open for you. Give kor kor one, ok?
      Emily: Nah, kor kor you take this one.
      Emily & Tim: *put the eraser in the mouth*
      Mummy & Daddy: *burst out laughing* 😆

      They thought it was a lollipop. 😆

      Mummy: This cannot eat.
      Emily: Cannot eat one ah?
      Mummy: Cannot. :giggles:

      By the way, Emily now is pacifier free. :dance:

    • Activities Books

      November 3, 2006

      Let me introduce you to Sticker Books that I got from Times Bookstore in Changi Airport. It is great for children at the age of 2 and above. Basically it teaches children to find the right shape and paste the sticker there plus lots of information about a certain topic. It also have free pasting. The book comes with over 200 reusable stickers. What I like about this book is that the pages are glossy, stickers can be reused. You can pull out the sticker again and stick on a different page, while the glue lasts.

      The one I got for Tim have more information on military technology. It has information on fire trucks, police operations, military air planes and rescue team info. Great for learning! The book costs SGD12.90

      Another book that I got, this one is from MPH with discount of 30% for members, it is called paper doll books. The books come with 6 paper dolls and many type of paper clothing plus accessories. You can dress the dolls with each different style like wedding style, princess style, dancing clothes, ballerina etc etc.. It will be more fun for the gals.

      I remembered when I was young, I used to draw the dolls and clothes for the dolls to play. Now it comes in a book. However with the book, it can never stop you from designing more clothes for the paper dolls. The book cost RM16.90.

      P/S The photo shots are not very good because it is taken from a camera phone. Hubby is busy now a days and I accidentally broke his lens. Thank God, he got that fix for free. :doh:

    • Lack of Iron

      November 3, 2006

      Last blood test show my red blood cells low, so I had to do further testing. Oh well, since it is free, I go ahead with it. The result came back, saying my iron is very low.

      Doc: Your result shows you have to take more iron. I will prescribe some iron tablet.
      Me: Does the tablet cause constipation?
      Doc: I will give you iron syrup instead.
      Me: Ok
      Doc: Take it for 5 weeks and come back for further blood test.

      Darn, I had to open my big mouth. I really regret asking for the syrup, it taste yeaky and it leave an after taste, like licking steel. I went to my in house clinic and ask for iron tablet instead. Now I have 2 giant bottle of iron syrup in my fridge.

      Another doc said that I can get iron from seafood and it is my favorite. First time ever, maybe I am the unique one, have permission from doctor to take seafood. Usually doc will always advice patients to cut down on this and that. :giggles:

      OK, I booked a Japanese Buffet this weekend for my family. That is enough iron in the buffet to last for a week. I hope. :clap:

    • The Pacifier II

      November 2, 2006

      Mummy: Where is choot choot? (aka Packifer)
      Emily: Spoil already.
      Mummy: You still want choot choot?
      Emily: No
      Mummy: If you can sleep with no choot choot, mummy will buy (reward) you with a present.
      Emily: I want a red present.

      She was in a very good mood yesterday. I think her teacher Jenny returned to school from her holidays. Teacher Jenny likes her very much. Emily always tells me about teacher Jenny. Anyway, since hubby started the weaning and she was in a good mood, I thought of continuing it.

      Yesterday night, she slept without her pacifier. She did woke up 4-5 times, crying for no more than 5 minutes each time. I tried to sooth her but the more I soothed her, the louder she cried. I just left her to sooth herself back to sleep. She also has her security blanket. I did raise my voice once, she did stop crying and went back to sleep. At one point, I think she was exhausted, she cry a little and went back to sleep.

      In the morning, daddy and I gave her an encouragement. As she was carried down the stairs, daddy shouted, “Yeah Emily so clever, no need to sleep with choot choot.” She looks happy and proud of herself. Daddy gave her a nicely wrap biscuit pack and she thought it was her present. :clap:

      Let’s see how tonight goes.

    • The Pacifier

      November 1, 2006

      Talk about bad timing, my hubby decided to cut Emily’s pacifier yesterday. She was not in a good mood and mummy had a 12 midnight conference call. When my hubby gave her the cut pacifier, she threw it away. She cried and ask mummy to take another one for her. When we do something like this, we will anticipate some crying. However she really beat the record, she cried from 9pm – 11:30pm, interval of 15-20 minutes of sleep. So much for getting a nap before my meeting. :doh:

      As I was leaving the bedroom, she wailed even louder. I could hear her from my study room. Oh well, this is not really a good time to wean her. I took her spare pacifier and gave it to her. Everyone had a good night sleep while I attend my meeting.

      Yawn, so today at least a few cups of caffeinated tea to keep me awake in work. I guess I have to try this again in Dec.

      Tim’s story here: