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    • High Fever Again

      December 8, 2006

      Emily gave me another fright. She has high fever and a fit. She had her suppository and fever medication, but that didn’t stop the fever. It surges up and she had another attack. I had to send her to the hospital again. She is fine now and discharged.

      The doctor said it is probably due to viral infection because he ran a few test like dengue and oral test. All were negative. She had high fever for 4 days and today it was gone. I stayed in the hospital with her throughout the 4 nights. Last night, a baby checked in to the same room. She was one noisy baby, sleep during the daytime and make noise during the nighttime. Emily slept through it but I hardly can get any.

      Funny conversation with the doctor:

      Doc: I will let her continue with her antibiotic. (prescribed by the paed on Monday before she was admitted). I do not have to change the antibiotic, most cases it is due to viral infection and antibiotic will not be necessary.

      Me: That’s true.

      Doc: She is still having fever but not as high. Actually I didn’t do anything, she is healing on her own.

      Me: Does that mean I don’t have to pay you since she is doing it by herself. :giggles: *nurses were also giggling*

      Doc: The insurance will worry about that.

      Me: Yeah I am sure.

      According to the doc, since Emily had 3 attacks of fit, the next one would be 4%. I am praying that she will not get it again. It is horrible to see another fit and there is nothing I can do to stop the fit. Although by now I am experience in handling it. :pray:

    • Christmas

      December 4, 2006

      Christmas spirits are around and most of the malls have put up the Christmas decoration. Not to mention, people have started to shop for Christmas presents. In my office area alone, I am surrounded by 4 to 5 Christmas trees.

      My children were very excited when I mentioned I will put up the Christmas tree. They helped me in putting the ornaments onto the tree. After I switched on the lights with Christmas music playing, they didn’t allow me to stop. Yesterday, Tim requested that I get a star to put on the tree. The past years, I just put a soft toy on the top of the tree.

      I always like Christmas not because of the presents, the trees or even Santa. It is about what God did, planted a gift of love into this world knowing that the world rejected him from the very beginning. The gift of love through Jesus who save us from our sin. Christmas is about the relationships that was broken and now fix because of Jesus. The greatest gift God has ever given to me and you.

      What is the meaning of Christmas for you? You have 21 days to think. 🙂

    • Penang – 3 BIG Events

      December 1, 2006

      Today avoid going to the south side of Penang. Predicted to have a massive jam. Maybe it is the 1st of December, there are 3 big events.

      1. Opening of the Penang Queensbay Mall.
      2. PESTA Penang Opening for the year-end fun.
      3. PC Fair

      What is in the Penang Queensbay Mall? A few new outlets has landed in Penang, Jaya Jusco, TGIF, Borders, New Zealand Natural Ice Cream, Sa Sa and lots more. Click here and here.

      Lastly not forgetting people rushing to go home from the factories, as it is a FRIDAY.

      Happy jamming. I will be staying at home.