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      Having a family, sometimes I have to juggle my personal finances and do lots of research on how I can get the most savings for the my children’s education fund. Ever try to do refinancing but you just cannot find the right finance company or bank to help you? Either their rates are too high or there are lots of hidden costs involved. At the end of the day, you loose out and not get much savings but a big bond. How I wish there is one stop place where I can get my financing done with great savings.

      Heard of RateGenius? It offers Car Refinance with great savings and no cost to you. They leverage from a network of prominent nation lenders to provide a rate, term and amount that fit your requirements. Now how I wish there is something like that in Malaysia. It makes life much simpler.

      Do pop over to see what great saving you can get from them. You are recommended to visit the site FAQ for any questions.

      Published on January 6, 2007 · Filed under: Finances, Parenting;
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