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    • Newborn Niece

      February 8, 2007

      My SIL just delivered yesterday a baby gal. Yes, she is my first niece. Now I have 1 nephew and 1 niece. Perfect Family. Now Emily will have a little sister to play with and talk about gal’s stuff. My children were pretty excited about the new baby. Both of them visited her at the hospital. Isn’t she a beauty?

    • I built my very first snowman. It was a small snowman. I got help from my colleague. I had difficulty in building the head. The snow just doesn’t like my hands. Here is the snowman, just for some of you who wanted me to do so.

      Man, it is cold and freezing. I went to Garden of the Gods on Saturday. It was not a good day because it was windy. I almost got blown off. Sunday weather was better. Anyway, I got to see a lot of rocks. The rocks appear in the center of nowhere. It has millions of year’s history. According to geologist, the place was an ocean, land, volcano and land again.

      After that, I drove to Castle Rocks where the factory outlets are. I did some shopping there. You cannot believe it, that place is having a sale. Most of the stuff was on 30-70% discount. I got a few GUESS wallets for a great deal, almost half the price of what is selling back home. I got Timberland shoes and Osh Kosh Children’s wear. I cannot buy too many stuff because I will be taking a train in San Francisco. However I will do more shopping there, hopefully they have sale there.

      On Sunday, I took a train up to the mountain in Manitou Springs. The air up there is very thin, it didn’t affected me there and then. However after I came down to ground level, I felt tired, maybe lack of oxygen up there. It was a good view from the top. Too bad the place does not have a viewing area to take good pictures. No doubt it is beautiful up there. It took 2 hours to go up and come down.

      The Garden Of The Gods:

      The Kissing Camels & The Balancing Rock

      More Rocks

      Manitou Springs – Top Of The Peak

    • Colorado Springs

      February 3, 2007

      Snow and more snow. Even my car is covered with snow. Every morning I have to scrap off the snow from the car and heat up the car before I can drive. At first I didn’t know what the scrapper or brush in my car was for. I was about to throw it out of the window. Fortunately I didn’t. It is freezing out there, below double digit in the night time and below single digit at day time. Let’s hope it is sunny during the weekend for me to drive to see some local attractions or shopping.

      I took some photographs near the place I work. The place is beautiful with mountain peaks covered with snow. The place is near Pikes Peak, a range of rocky mountain. It just brings me to think how great God’s creation is. For those who do not think that God exists, think again. It will not be coincident that all this appears just like that. Some one has crafted it from above. It is just some food for thought.

    • Snowing Here

      February 1, 2007

      Hey I finally arrived in Colorado and the snow welcomes me. YES it is snowing! Wow, I survived 15 hours flight. First stop was Singapore, Changi Airport. I was pretty frus because last 1 hour they change the departure gate. It was from 1 end to the other end. My legs were pretty tired. I found this free foot massage by the departure gate. It was fun and after the massage my legs felt better.

      Next stop was LA, I was so tired. If not, I could just pop by Disneyland and get some gift for my children. No I didn’t. I slept in the hotel. No Jet lag for me. I had a morning flight out to Colorado. In the LA airport, things were done efficiently. They have so many rows of DIY check in counter. All you have to do is punch your confirmation flight number and a ticket will be printed out. 1-2 staff will go around, putting tags on your bag and carried it to the conveyer.

      My dinner – Baby Back Ribs – Simply Delicious

      DIY Checkin Counters:

      Snowy Airport:

      When I arrived at Colorado Springs, it was snowing. I was worried because I had to drive to my hotel. Yeap, I had to pick up “right hand” right here. It was aright as I arrived to the hotel safely, was about 30 mins away from the airport. I didn’t get lost, shows that the GPS was working.

      Wow, I stayed near to the Pikes Peak. The view of the snowy mountains is simply beautiful. I will post more pictures here when I have the chance to take it. Now I wish my family was here. By the way, my husband just returned from US last monday and I had to fly on Tuesday. It was a back to back trip. Next time, we will plan for the entire family to go. May my wish come true.