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    • Another great place to visit is the Singapore Night Safari. However the entrance fee is a bit costly, $27 for adult and $13 for children (3-12 years old). I heard that there is a promotion starting from 25th May – 30th June that all Malaysian can get 50% off or pay in Ringgit. Bumma, I just missed that.

      I need to apologize to Earthtone because I ffk (stood her up) because my family wanted to visit the Night Safari. Again sorry Earthtone, you didn’t get to meet my children.

      There is a shuttle bus from the hotel to the Night Safari, 6:50pm and 7:50pm. The hotel was under renovation, we didn’t know where to wait. The hotel staff told us to wait at the bus stop in front of Far East Shopping Center, which we did. As we were waiting, we saw the shuttle on the other side of the road. We thought we waited at the wrong place. We made a wrong move by crossing over the other side. Half an hour later, we saw the same bus on the other side. :wall: Actually it stopped at both side of the road. We stayed put and took the 7:50pm instead. At that time, Orchard Rd was having traffic congestion and it took us a long time to get out of there. Fortunately I got some food for my children to eat while waiting. The second shuttle that came was a mini van instead of the bus.

      The Night Safari has plenty of eating place, so food is not a worry. It is very near the entrance too. I guess by now, you know that we were very hungry. As we were having dinner, there was some hot performance (pun intended) going on.

      After that, we hopped on to the tram around the zoo. I am impressed as we could see all the animals that we passed. As compare to Taiping zoo, either the animal went to bed or it was blocked by the tree. My children were very excited as they were spelling the animals when they saw the sign, as they passed. The tram ride took about 40 minutes. We didn’t spend a long time there as the children were tired. It is not a value for money trip…sigh. If you are there, do try out some of the interesting walking trails like Fishing Cat, Forest Giants & Leopard Trail. The zoo is properly lighted.

      Sorry, no pictures taken as we are not allowed to use our flash and disturb the animals. We are an animal friendly family. :giggles: More information here.


    • To Zoom, Click on Picture.

      We had a choice between the Singapore Science Center and Jurong Bird Park. Both I heard were equally good. My hubby had 1 day off on Labor day, so we could only go to 1. After much discussion with him, we pick Singapore Science Center, at least it is in door and the children can learn and have fun with Science.

      Singapore Science Center is located in Jurong East, you can take MRT to Jurong East Station on East West Line and transfer to bus no 335. We took a cab instead.

      We made the right decision, there are so many things to play, learn and have fun. We started with the Omni-Theatre, a dome shape IMAX theater that gives a 4D effects movie. We learnt about the human body.

      There is also a mini water park for children to have fun. If we knew about it, we would have bought an extra change of clothes. My children just love playing with water. The place is huge, we could only cover the Atrium, even that we didn’t finished all the science stations. We didn’t go to the Snow City.

      Entrance fee is $6 for adult and $3 for child, for IMax theatre $10 for adult and $5 for child, per movie. We bought the special package $12.80 per adult and $6.40 for child. Food wise, there are not many places to eat, only 3. McDonalds, a buffet lunch or Rocks café. There were a crowd in all food places since it was a public holidays, even the buffet lunch have to make reservation. We ended up in McDonalds. I must say that the kid’s meals are healthy, not the nuggets but they serve milk drink and fresh apples, instead of oily fries and soft drinks.

      The most interesting thing we saw was the Lightning demo or experiment, my hubby recorded it for you to watch. Don’t worry, there is no thunder but an explosion at the end.

      More pictures on how fun and educated the day was.

      Lightning Experiment

    • I just got back from Singapore, touch down today at 6pm. I missed the Penang Asam Laksa. Sorry, this round, there are no professional pictures taken as my hubby didn’t carry his bazooka there. Just some A80 quality pictures.

      Let’s talk about SIA, I must say they really give good service to mother with children. *Applaud to the stewardess serving SQ196* As I was traveling back from Singapore, I was alone with Tim and Emily. Hubby took the later flight. I get to board first with the first class or business class people because I am with 2 VIPs, my children. They put me with good seats too, not too far from the door. After I boarded the plane, smiling air stewardess came with gifts for the children, I didn’t need to ask. I requested my hubby to pre-order the children’s meal. They get their meals first. By the way, if you want to be kiasu and get your meal first, pre-order your meal when you purchase the tickets. Halfway through the flights, a stewardess came by asking me if I need a bio break, she can look after my children. Wow, what a service. I told her I am fine, as if Emily will let me out of her side.

      It was a week of relaxation, we didn’t go to many places but enjoy the stay in our hotel room. Emily called it “New House”. She loves it so much, every time we go out, less than 1 hour, she requested us to go back to the “New House”. *faint*

      My hubby booked the Singapore Grand Hyatt Hotel from my recommendation. It is right in the heart of Orchard Road. Of coz, the thing that kept my children happy in the room was the big plasma TV. There are 2 cartoon cable channels that supply 24×7 cartoons. Next best thing on their list is the bath tub. They will request endless round of bathing time because they love playing with water.

      The housekeeper comes to make the room twice a day, providing fresh towels, toping up the toiletries and making our bed. Call me crazy, look at my collection…muhahahaha. 2 x 4 bottles each day.

      However, the hotel doesn’t have a children pool. They have a swimming pool, but a little too dangerous for my children, so they just played by the pool. Next, I will share with you the places we went…stay tuned.