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      September 2, 2008

      Emily has turned into Cik Mina. A malay name I gave her. She was giggling and called herself Queen Mina.

      I wanted to get “baju kurung” for Emily. I didn’t know whether she would want to wear it or not. Now is the season to get malay clothes as the Raya festive month is coming. Yesterday was the start of fasting month also known as bulan puasa.

      Anyway the other day, I was shopping with her in Giant and ask Emily whether she would like to wear baju kurung. She saw and she wanted. I wanted to get a nice blue or pink flowery pattern for her. They didn’t have her size. They were either too small or too big. This one that I got, the top fit nicely but the skirt was a little too long. I have to keep pulling it up for her. It was the only one left that is close to her size. Next time she wear this, I will double/triple fold up for her.

      Why Queen Mina? She wore to church on Merdeka Day. As the same time, she made a crown in her Sunday School class. She wore the crown and called herself Queen Mina. :rolleyes: