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      March 2, 2009

      Do you know that your toes can reveal your characteristic? My mom told me that if your second toe is longer than your big toe, you are a big spender. If your second toe is shorter, you are very thrifty and you can definitely save money. Hahaha…don’t start staring at your feet.

      Here are my family feet. Guess who can safe and who can spend?

      By the way, my sister is a big spender that no medicine can help her. Her third toe is longer that the big toe. Just imagine that. I remembered when we were young, she promised my mom that she will start saving some money. I gave her a snoopy coin box for her birthday present. She was very happy because she can use it to save money.

      However she discovered that the coin box has no opening as it was made out of tin and she cannot get her money out. She may need a can opener to do that. She gave it back to me. :rolleyes:

      Don’t start pulling your big toes, it does help. :giggles: A better way would be marry one who is more thrifty than you. Thrifty not stingy!

      P/S Show me your family feet in your blog. 😉