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    • Flower Girl

      June 8, 2009

      Emily was asked to be a flower gal and she was so excited. She attended a few church weddings and saw flower gals throwing flowers on the ground. Immediately she wanted to do the same. She thought being a flower girl was to get married.

      Emily: Mummy, I want to be a flower gal. But I don’t want to leave you.
      Mummy: Huh? You don’t want to leave me?!
      Emily: I still want to stay with you. I don’t want to stay with my husband.
      Mummy: LOL. Being a flower gal is not getting married….

      Phew, I bet she felt relief after hearing that she can still stay with mummy and papa. I got her a nice flower gal dress from Parkson. I did the headband and the flower girl baskets.

      They had a rehearsal and Emily was a little tense but she got the hang of it. She did enjoy herself on the actual day. (6 June 2009)

    • Yes, Emily and I share the same birthday. Coincident? No. I chose to have c-sect on my birthday. Scary thought. If anything happen, I probably live and die on my birthday. Of coz, the happiest thing was to be presented with the best gift for my birthday was a baby gal called Emily.

      Another advantage is that Emily will always remember my birthday, Tim & hubby will only need to remember 1 extra birthday and I will never forget Emily’s birthday.

      My family birthdays are the easiest to remember because it has a pattern.


      Pattern: 04, 14, 24 and 03, 06, 12

      Well, now you know why I stop production? It doesn’t fit the pattern. What a great excuse! :giggles:

    • Simply Innovative

      June 4, 2009

      From Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Winner:

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    • Lost & Found

      June 3, 2009

      Today, I was in a virtual meeting with my manager. As I was going through the progress of my projects, I felt something missing from my finger. The fourth finger on my left hand was naked. I had to put my manager on hold, yes asking him politely to give me a minute.

      I looked around for my wedding ring. Yes it is missing. Not on my finger, not on my chair, not on my table and nowhere to be found. Trust me, I never take my wedding ring out of my finger even when I bath or sleep. There goes my mood and I had to continue my meeting but my mind was going through where I could have lost it.

      Finally after the meeting, I knew where it was. During lunch time, I was at home playing a game on my iPhone. I was at the final level of the game and my fingers were cramping. I was flinging my fingers to release tension. However, I didn’t felt my ring came out. Half way through the game, I heard some metal drop. I was too preoccupied with the game and I didn’t bother what it was. At that moment, I thought it must be something from the shelf.

      After my work, I went back to search my study room. Funny it was not at the area where I was sitting. Fortunately my study room is not that big. I found it behind my router, 1 meter away from my sitting position. Thank goodness. It was nice to know after telling my hubby that I lost my ring, he offered to buy me a new one. 😛

    • Both Tim and Emily birthday fall on a school holiday. Before school closes, Emily wanted to share her cake with her school friends. At first, she wanted a Cinderella cake but somehow when I said Tinkerbell, she liked it.

      As usual I search for a picture of Tinkerbell on Google and asked the cake house to draw it. For the past years, they could duplicate exactly what I passed to them. However, I was a little disappointed with the Tinkerbell cake, the face of Tinkerbell is a little distorted. Anyway, Emily cannot tell the different, she was eyeing on those star jelly and chocolate. That’s what she cared about.

      I sent the cake to her Tadika and she had a great time with the celebration. I don’t usually attend the celebration because I do not want to disturb the school schedule. And after many rounds of birthday celebration, there is no urge to even prepare any party packs. Yeah, mummy is getting lazy.

      As for presents, Emily already told me beginning of the year what she wants. My mom is also given her and my family a treat. Let’s hope they enjoyed it there.

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