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    • Back to square 1. I am really saddened by this news, not because they are switching back the language used for teaching Science and Maths. It is making a decision without any execution plan or how they want to implement it. In the news, it is stated that in 2011, student from year 1 and year 4, form 1 and form 4 will be going back to BM/mother tongue for Maths & Science.

      Take Tim for example, he is in Std 1 and now he is doing Maths & Science in English.

      2009 – Std 1: Maths & Science in English
      2010 – Std 2: Maths & Science in English
      2011 – Std 3: Maths & Science in English
      2012 – Std 4: Maths & Science in BM. I am still wondering how they expect the child to switch especially on all the Science terms. Probably, he has to relearn all the Science terms in BM.
      2013 – Std 5: Maths & Science in BM
      2014 – UPSR in BM/English. Do you suppose student can answer half in BM and half in English?

      It will be real difficult for any children and confusing for the teachers. It is like putting our children as guinea pigs. Oh, this decision doesn’t work, never mind we change it. Oh that doesn’t work, we switched back. Who suffers? The children and they are the leaders of the future.

      Well at least for those in Chinese school, it will be 2 less subjects for them. However the disadvantage is they learn very little English.

      The reason given by the minister is lack of English teachers. I bet if they pay the teachers well, there will be ample supply of English teachers. There are so many graduates who have no jobs, they can teach English to primary students. Is it that difficult?

      Come to think of it, if they are taking away subjects in English, the future will be less and less English teachers. Soon, there will be no more English subjects because no competent English teachers.

      I really do hope that they will do both Maths & Science in BM and English for those who have started it in English.

    • Close To Nature

      July 5, 2009

      Today we venture to nature. My hubby bought a tent for us to spend the morning at the beach. The beach is near the fisherman’s village where I blog about it before. It is a nice beach and lots of fresh air. There is a beautiful lake there too. Here is what we did:

      We pitched the tent, it took me and my hubby 10 minutes to put it up. I must say it is a nice huge tent. Both Tim and Emily were excited to sleep in there.

      While we were pitching the tent, my children were playing in the sand. By the way, there is no public toilet or any wash area near the beach. We brought few liters of water for washing off the sand.
      Next I got a bunch of rambutan for RM2 and snacks. They were enjoying their snacks. Too bad, I didn’t have time to cook lunch. We could have lunch there too.

      Emily decided to do some fishing, just for show only. There was a strong current and she didn’t catch anything.

      Later they decided to have a short nap. Nope, they didn’t slept a wink because they still wanna snack some more and play sand.

      I am sure they had lot of fun and were really tired. They slept in the car on the way home. We will definitely do it again! It has a great view too. I don’t know about you. It is really relaxing to look at the sea.

    • Emily came home with a nice piece of wrapped chocolate from nanny.

      Mummy: Is that for mummy?

      Emily: Nope, that is for kor kor? Aunty gives to kor kor.

      Mummy: Where is mine?

      Emily: You are not children anymore.

      Mummy: Kor kor is not here, can I eat it? *teasing her*

      Emily: No, this is for kor kor.

      Mummy: You don’t love mummy?

      Emily: I love you but I also love kor kor.

      Mummy: Mummy won’t tell kor kor. Mummy eat ok?

      Emily: I love kor kor wor.

      Mummy: *show sad face*

      Emily: Ok, you cut half, half for you and half for kor kor.

      If I go on, she probably will give me the chocolate. I am glad that she still loves her kor kor. I will try this with kor kor and see what happens.

    • Transformers Return

      July 1, 2009

      Yes, everywhere we go, we can see transformer banners, poster or picture. Even the door has transformers. They must have spent a lot of money advertising the movie. The movie is PG13 so we are not bringing Tim to watch. It will not be suitable for his or Emily’s age. Ben 10 is out of mind as of now.

      Tim is digging back his transformers robot to play. Of all the toys he has, transformers and Lego are the most played. So parents, invest on Lego.

      By the way, Tim created his own transformers from a book of construction vehicles.

      Today marked my 9th Anniversary!