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      Guess what went shopping? My gal always complained that she is not creative. She told me that she cannot build certain things with Lego like her kor kor.

      Here is a conversation we had when she was playing her new construction magnet toy.

      Emily: Mummy please helped me to build a car where the little man can ride in it.
      Mummy: Why don’t you try and I help you.
      Emily: I am not creative and I don’t know how.
      Mummy: You try first.

      Mummy was interrupted by other things while she is building on her own.

      Mummy: Wow! See you made it.
      Emily: Yeah my creativity just came back after shopping.
      Mummy: LOL :giggles:

      Published on October 26, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;
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