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      We went back to Teluk Bahang Penang National Park on Hari Raya Haji public holiday for hiking again. This time, we picked another destination called Sungai Tukun. I picked this place because it has most of the facilities and the hike is about 15minutes. It is not so taxing for the children. The place has both river and sea.

      At first when my kids heard about hiking, they were not keen after the last trip of 90 minutes hike. Emily gave me a sad face. I encouraged her by saying, it will be a very short hike and you can play with water and sand. Both my kids love playing with water.

      Yes, I would recommend this place for anyone who wants to hike with children. The place is beautiful. The river water is clean. In the middle of the stream, someone build a pool and my children had a good swim there.

      The annoying part is the monkey. They are eying on our food and definitely cannot eat there. It will attract a bunch of them and they will start to surround you. Imagine, I threw some rubbish into the bin. Next minute, my hubby told me that the monkey just grabbed it from the bin and ran.

      My children gave thumbs up and they want me to bring them back again! Definitely will go again.

      Up The Track & Down The Track

      After that, we headed for a delicious seafood lunch with sea view.

      Attacking The CLAW!

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