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    • Penang Turf Club Open Day

      Penang Turf Club having an open day from 17th – 19th 10am – 6pm, lots of activities for the kids. I was afraid of the crowd, so we decided to go early. However there was not a big crowd, maybe due to gloomy weather.

      First stop, we went for the carriage ride, RM 4 per person for 2 rounds. Emily was dying for a pony ride, so it was next on the list. She did ride on the pony for RM3 and it was just 1 small round. Tim was not interested.

      Then, Emily wanted face painting, actually hand painting. First I paid RM 2 for a small butterfly, then I saw one girl who draws very well. Later Emily wanted a big butterfly with her. Other activities were clown show, puppet show, sand art, clay art and of course visiting the horses or ponies. It was a great family day and a tiring one too.

      Published on December 18, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;
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