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      One morning, I woke up and saw this little note on my working desk. I guess she left it for me because the day before I slept early and she could not tell me about it. It is kind of cute reading her notes, hope she writes more.

      By the way, my hubby and I do write little notes to each other if we want to pass a message when we are not available. We are getting old and sometimes we cannot remember, so better note it down.

      Someone commented that she had perfect spelling in FB. Now here is the little story. The story begun with this picture on the white board, so my hubby told me.
      Emily asked daddy, what if she cannot spell certain word. Daddy was also tired that night, she asked her to consult Tim, her big brother.

      She had difficulty spelling “could”. She asked her brother. Tim’s funny bone drew 2 pictures on the white board. If you spell “cold”, he drew a man shivering in the fridge. If you spell “could”, he drew a picture of a hand giving something to another. He asked Emily to pick the right one. Ha! Isn’t he an excellent teacher? “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

      Of coz, I bought her a nice Rapunzel pencil case.

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