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    • Lemang Susu Putih

      This is a delayed post which I almost forgot about it. Anyhow, I saw it being queue up for me to write about. Here goes…

      My hubby found the most delicious Lemang during the Puasa month aka Muslim fasting month. Lemang is actually sticky glutinous rice cooked in bamboo shoot. It is done under a fire which brings out the fragrant of the rice. It can be eaten together with meat floss or rendang (dry meat curry).

      The delicious lemang is very soft and it goes well with the spicy meat floss. Both my kids love it!! The place where we got this is near the Taman Bukit Jambul flat but I believed it, you can find it only during Puasa month. If you come to Penang during that month, go try it! Super yummy…..

      Published on October 10, 2011 · Filed under: Food, Penang, Travel;
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