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      Hong Kong is a crowded city, congested with people everywhere at anytime. I was told some do not have an office to work, they are on the street all the time. I still cannot get it how people can text using their mobile phone and walk at the same time. Hong Kong is not the same as before as I see many people from China coming into that country.

      Back to my family vacation, we started with Disneyland. We check out of the hotel early morning, left the big luggage bag in the hotel’s storage facility, just took a smaller bag to check into Disneyland hotel. I bought the promo package online, 2D/1N hotel stay with 2Days park tickets.

      I anticipated a crowd but there weren’t any. We could get through all the rides and some shows on the first day. We even queue to take pictures with the Disney characters. If you are going, do plan for 2 days to cover every inch and corner. You never know when the crowd will appear. My children love the Astro Blaster from Toy Story which we went more than 9 times. Emily wanted to achieve Level 5 which she did. A few times on Pooh Honey Pot, Autopedia and Small World rides.

      I took my children to the Space Mountain ride. They didn’t know what they were in for. It was really fun but both were scared and didn’t want a repeat.

      We went to the Stitch show but after entering, Stitch spoke in Mandarin. I had to translate some of it to my children. Emily got pick to chat with the mandarin speaking Stitch. I had to be her translator. Tim wanted to watch the English version but it was at 2pm.

      The shows were superb, every one of them. I liked the 3D show and the Golden Mickeys. All shows time are listed on the brochure.

      The Christmas decorations were all over Disneyland and the night lightings were very nice. They even have fake snow there at the Main Street. The best was the fireworks! I couldn’t snap any pictures because my camera ran out of battery. So sad.

      Ready to view the pictures, warning lots of pictures to load..…

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