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      Happy to receive this from Hasbro!

      It started when I bought a Kreo-O Megatron Lego set for Timothy when I was in Hong Kong. However I discovered there were 2 pieces missing and we cannot build the Megatron robot. Sigh. I hopped on to the Hasbro website and found the customer service web page. I wrote to them using their online form. After a few weeks, there were no replies.

      One night while I was working during US time, I tried out their CS online chat service. After a few tries, it failed to connect me to an agent. Being persistent I never give up. I decided to put United State as my location and wah la…it connected me to an agent. I got to chat with her online and because I am from AP, she will ask the AP manager to contact me.

      The Hasbro manager did email me and I got a surprise. He asked me to send back the current set and he will send me a new replacement set. However, I just told him that I needed the missing pieces. He said that he will need to open up a new set and find the missing pieces. It was better for him to send me the new set. Hey how can I argue with that, right?

      Here is the package and my children can make the Megatron again! This is what I call great Customer Service.

      Published on February 20, 2012 · Filed under: Parenting;
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