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      I like spending time in my garden because I love to see the plants grow and some would bear fruits. My garden has lots of flower plants, peppermint, basil, mulberry, hydrangeas, custard apple plant and others. Believe me I do not have green hands but I am learning everyday how to take care of them.

      There is so many things that I can plant in my garden, wish I had more space. It is really sad to see neighbors tiling their porch and give up the space for planting.

      By the way, there are lots of tips from the internet to help. I just learn how to replant herbs and prune them.

      I shall make more basil and peppermint plants! Enjoy the pictures of my plants:

      Flowers Plants


      Basil & Peppermint Plant

      Pandan & Ginger Plant

      Fruit Plants: Custard Apple & Mulberry Plant

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