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      It is time for me to change my TV as it is not working for months or maybe a year now. I am surveying around. I am eye-ing on the Samsung Smart TV. The other day I was at one of the electrical shop and saw a huge TV with a camera. My girl started playing with it, using hand motion to remote control the TV.

      Guess what? Next thing, she found angry bird app on the TV and started playing with it. Anyway it is a cool TV with hand motion and voice recognition. However it is way too expensive for my budget. I just need a Smart TV with internet and wifi capability so that I can use it to watch some online movies. I am sure my kids would like that too as they are always using my work LED screen to watch online cartoon.

      My girl told me, “Mummy, this Saturday we have a lucky draw event in my school and the first price is a TV. If I win the TV then you don’t have to buy!” I replied, “Keep Dreaming!” Hahahaha…

      Published on October 5, 2012 · Filed under: Parenting;
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