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    • Exams Done

      Exams are over for the year for my children. They just declared holidays. Their school is a little weird because my son had his exams earlier then followed by my girl. There are things they have to put away until after exams like watching TV, playing computer games and movie night. Because of this the sister has to wait for the brother to finish and vice versa. I would prefer both having exams on the same week.

      Another strange thing is that the teachers request them to return all the borrow text and workbooks. I wonder after they return them, what are they going to do in school? I will assume that there is no teaching or homework. They just go to school and wait until bell rings. How silly??!!

      I asked my children to bring books to school to read. My girl also told me that one of her teacher told her she will be on leave. Wow I guess she cannot wait till school break. It always makes me wonder about Malaysia Education System, has it gone down the drain?

      What’s next?

      Published on October 30, 2012 · Filed under: Parenting;
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