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    • Monster High Giveaway Winners I


      Baby Darren

      You have won either a Draculaura or Frankie Stein Doll! For those who didn’t win, wait for the upcoming post for more giveaways!!!

      Please contact asha [at} and provide your delivery address and contact number.

      Baby Darren Says:
      1. Special Exclusive Skeleton Key
      2. My freaky flaw is my “bulging tummy”..people always asked am I pregnant and I told them..”Yes..I am pregnant with fats..and there are not due yet..”So, I embraced it with funny replies to them and of course, I try to wear loose fitting to hide them.

      Sharine Says:
      1) Exclusive Skeleton Key
      2) I’m super scare of chicken, moreover an alive chicken which I dare not go near. But whenever I need to help MIL or my mother to prepare a chicken meal, I make sure I don’t see the whole chicken. So I overcome it by purposely buy chicken with no head, feet, and cut into separated portion then only I can cook. Yes, I’m weird!

      Tatiyana Says:
      I hope I’m not too late. Here goes…
      01. Exclusive skeleton key
      02. I’m socially awkward. I find it hard to interact with people, let alone adjusting myself into new environments. As a result, I only have a small circle of friends. Years have passed though, I am now a lonely soul who ventures alone. It’s not that I dislike company, and would rather enjoyed being confined in solitude. Truth be told, I just don’t have the nerve. I have thought of a thousand ways to make people like me. But instead, all I ever did is scaring them off. It sort of makes me feel inhuman.

      Despite the fact of having affected only a number of people in my life… Well, they like me because of the way I am. And that’s something 🙂

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