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    • Monster High Doll – Clawdeen Wolf

      Clawdeen is the daughter of the Werewolf. She is a gorgeous and loyal to her friends. She is a fierce fashionista. In fact I love her shoes or boots. She is Frankie Stein and Draculaura BFF. She is gorgeous with her purple outfit. She also has a pet name Crescent, a cute little kitten.

      Emily found her profile from the Monster High Booklet:

      Clawdeen Doll By Mattel

      I must say she is one classy doll! She also comes with an elegant bag, diary, brush and doll stand. Again I like her boots! She also has cool earrings. This fierce fashionista definitely knows how to rock an animal print. With touches of “gold” (to showcase her favorite color) and claw-accented accessories (to celebrate her heritage), this outfit is something to roar about.

      Emily likes reading her diary and she kept telling me about her. The diary does have very interesting stories about her. The diary is a superb way of getting to know the doll more!

      Giveaway: Next Post!

      Yes, you can win one of the 9 most fabulous Monster High Dolls. I am excited to give it to you. Watch and read the next post. With a little creativity, you can be the winner! Do look out for it….

      Now here is the Monster High family, one of them is a human. Do you know who? Ask Emily, she been telling me over and over again. You can also check it out at

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