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    • Monster High Giveaway III Winners

      Congratulations to these winners!!! I will be reaching out to you through email on your prize. Thank you the rest for participating. If you want the Monster High dolls, do go to Toys’Rus.

      1. CL Says:

      Given name: Makayla
      Personality: Just as the meaning of the name suggested, ‘who resemble God?’ Makayla has a God like heart and kindness. She has dark shiny hair and striking features, but don’t her beautiful sweet face fool you, she is possessiveness, egotism or has a more dominating personality. She believes she is the leader of all. However, she is optimistic, honest and loyal to her family and friends.

      When she is mad or crossed at something, everybody would know because she screams extremely loud and her hair are all spike up and her finger nails grow longer.

      2. Malaika Says:

      Given name: Violet Tutan
      Personality: She is the only out of wed lock daughter of Tutankhamun. Her distinct feature is her violet hair and voilet-ish skin tone. She loves playing the piano and can sing really well. She loves baking but is a horrible baker. Somehow her baking goods tastes like dirt. Her friends doesn’t have the heart to tell her the truth, so they always pretend that her baking products were delish. They even convinced her to open a pastry shop. She hates dishonest people. When she is angry, she goes back to the violet pyramid and plays The flight of the bumblebee piece.

      3. Jenny Says:

      Lysandera ‘Ly’ Davenport is a skinny and tall elf. She is dark-haired with brown eyes that seem to stare into your soul. She is very pretty but believes herself dimmed in comparison to the other ghouls. She is long-limbed but has very delicate features. She has very pointy elbows and dark eyebrows. Ly is easily upset and can be provoked by mild actions, she’s sensitive. She is strong and witty, and always says straight out what’s she’s thinking. She isn’t shy; on the contrary she’s one of the most confident elves. She is capable of very high things including giving others the confidence that they need. Ly is, in truth, an elf with the power to tell stories so enchanting and powerful that they could capture a person and actually make them feel as though they were living in the story. She also loves singing and nature.

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