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    • Cosplay In School

      Children’s day is here and my girl came back from school, telling me that there is a costume parade in school. She wanted to participate asking if I can help her with her costume. Yeah she loves participating in most of the school activities. She is very different from her brother. Her brother will tried his best to stay away.

      At first I was reluctant to help because of my busy work schedule. Moreover she doesn’t know what character she wants to be.

      One day, she quietly sat down and started working on something. It was a Thor weapon. She is really keen on participation. Then I started searching in the web to see Thor’s costume. It did give me ideas on how to make 1 really fast. Getting the template is the most important part.

      Finally I did this in 2 days for her….

      Let’s hope she win something with this costume. Even if she didn’t, I am sure she will get lots of attention especially with the boys.

      Published on October 23, 2013 · Filed under: Emily, Parenting;
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