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  • No one made the right guess. Tim likes black olives on his pizza. Surprised? Not many people like black olive but it has high mono-unsaturated fat, iron, vitamin E, dietary fiber and a good source of anti-oxidant. Some claim that it helps to control blood sugar and act as an anti-inflammatory. Next order of pizza will have extra topping of black olives.

    Timothy will dig all the olives out and eat it just like that. He will not leave any for me. The toppings that he doesn’t like are pineapple, green pepper and onions.

    Emily find that the pizza base sauce in pizza hut a little spicy. Ok she cannot take any hot stuff at this age. I wonder why they add chili in the pizza sauce.
    By the way, here is the cheesy pizza that Tim drew.

  • For those of you whose child is going to primary 1 next year, have you received any letter from the school or the ministry? I have registered Tim but didn’t receive any letter yet. Should I be worried?

    For those whose have children in primary, when does the letter come?

  • Favorite Pizza Topping

    July 26, 2008

    Can you guess what Timothy’s Favorite Pizza Topping is? Whenever we eat pizza, he would go digging for his favorite topping and whack them all. He will not leave any for us. I remembered when he was younger, he didn’t like it. He would spit it out. Now it is a different story. Oh well, I probably should request extra of this topping, next time I ordered a pizza.

  • Kite Day

    July 24, 2008

    I remembered when I was young, I used to make my own kites from thin stick (lidi) and color paper. I would go up to the roof top or fly the kite out the window of the flat I lived in. It is fun to see the paper flying in the sky and controlling it.

    Last week, my hubby asked Tim & Em whether they want to go out to fly kite. They were excited and said yes without thinking. Penang can be very windy at times and it is also a good place for flying kite. We went to an open area near the sea and a nice view of the Penang Bridge. My hubby and I flew the kite up. It was windy and we didn’t need much effort to get it up. Another thing we do when we have nothing to do. ;)

    Guess what my kids did? They weren’t interested in flying kite. They sat on the brick and played sand instead. :rolleyes:

  • Bolster Kidnappers

    July 21, 2008

    My family is a fan of bolsters, each of us has one. By the way, I hand sewn mine out of desperation. I did it when I was studying in Australia and in Australia, there is no such thing called bolster at that time. How boring. It is with me until now and it is extra soft. Brand: “Want Luen Pie”

    My children sleep in their own room and sometimes they would want mummy or daddy to sleep with them. I do sleep with them but not all the time. They will sleep by 9:30pm on their own and if I am sleeping with them, I will go in later.

    However my children wanted to make sure that I will be there on their bed, they kidnap my bolster. They take hostage of my bolster to exchange for my presence. Once, I took the bolster downstairs and I told them I am lazy to get it. I asked them to sleep first. After a few minutes, I heard footsteps from my study room and after I got out, my bolster was gone. Guess where it is found?!!

    If I tell them I sleep with them, I will do it because it is not good to lie to them. However they are being very cute in wanting my bolster as an assurance. Now even if I said I will sleep in my own room, they still hijacked my bolster. I must hide my bolster from them. :P

  • Pretty Doc

    July 20, 2008

    I took this picture today at the Mead Johnson Children Fair in Queensbay Mall. The event runs from 18-20th July. It has lots of fun games, learning and trivial for children. Each child is given a card and there are 9 stations for the child to complete. The child will receive a small bag of goodies after completion. You and I know, it is an event to promote Mead Johnson product namely Enfa products.

    Tim was a policeman but he ran off for an emergency call. Emily and Tim had fun playing.


  • I wanted to blog about this but I often forget. I am very frustrated with our local TV channels – NTV7, 8TV and TV3 are all guilty of it. Very often during a commercial break, you will find horror tv ads, horror movie ads or violence shows ads pop on. It really frightened the children. Worst is, sometimes these bad commercials come up in between a cartoon program break. It is horrifying.

    The cartoon is U rated which means it is suitable for children. However the commercials in between are not U rated and definitely not suited for children. Don’t you really hate that?!!

    I had to quickly switched channels so that my children will not see the horror stuff on TV. Now I cannot leave them alone it watching any TV programs without supervision. Any way I can complain about this?

    Universal rating states that it is for general viewing and should not contain material that may evoke fear or concern, no violence, no sexual acts, no language, no drug abuse, no nudity. Rate the commercials too! Malaysia TV, please adhere to this for our children sake!

  • Mathematic Time

    July 15, 2008

    I remembered I had a dreadful time teaching Timothy mathematics. Maybe I didn’t have the patience or I was losing it. I couldn’t understand why he cannot grasp the simple idea of adding. He just didn’t get it. For the first few times, I had to give away the answers to him.

    It is really frustrating. I show him a few times on how it is done. He copied my example very well. However when you asked him to do on its own, he gives me a blank face. :wall:

    I took out marbles, counting toys, papers and mathematic tools to help him. Every time he does his mathematic homework, I have to guide him. He will be lost if I don’t. He just couldn’t add anything by himself. On top of that, he was doing subtraction too.

    Yesterday, I was really surprised for the first time, he managed to do addition by himself. He didn’t just add single digit but double digits. He was only using his fingers to count. I asked him, what if you ran out of fingers, like 6 + 6. He showed me, he counted 6 first until all fingers close, open up another 6 fingers. Last time my mom asked me that questions, I told her I still have my toes. :P

    It was my fault to have little faith in him. I should believe in him. He made me remember the very basic thing about mathematics that is the more you practice, the more you get better at it. Hey he should have the mathematic gens because it is my favorite and best subject. Imagine I get a thrill at solving mathematics puzzle. By the way, my brother is worst, he is a mathematicholic, he took all the mathematic subjects in the University and he was given a second degree in Maths.

  • The Tux Day

    July 14, 2008

    Last Saturday I attended my church friend’s wedding. I observed that the only time a dad will wear a tuxedo is at his own wedding day and when he is walking his gal down the wedding aisle. Probably I will see my hubby wearing a tuxedo when Emily gets married sometime in the future.

    I saw a dad who dressed very casually in church, not much effort spent in clothes selection. Don’t all guys do that? He comes week in and out with the same design of shirt and pants. However on the day when his son got married, he was in smart and elegant tuxedo. He seems like a different man.

    Anyway, it was Emily’s first experience in a wedding ceremony. She also tried her photography skills with her father’s guidance. When she came home, she took a pearl necklace, placed it on her head like a wedding band, holding her kor kor’s hand and pretended to be a bride. :rolleyes: That’s my gal.

  • Teaching Them To Pay

    July 11, 2008

    It is time to teach Timothy how to pay for things and get the correct change back. Next year he will be in primary school. Wow this is too fast for me. Anyway, the other day my family was eating in an old kopitiam. There were some sweets on the counter, 20 sens for three. My hubby gave Timothy 20 sens and Emily also wanted 20 sens.

    They set out on a mission to get 3 sweets. Timothy gave the aunt 20 sens and pointed at the sweets that he wanted. Aunty gave him the sweets and he was happy. The thing with Timothy is after he gets what he wanted he walked away. He never looked back to check whether he got the change back, if any. He did that many times.

    Emily is surprisingly very smart, not sure whether good or bad. She pointed to aunty her selection. Aunty gave her the sweets, she smiled and walked away. Guess what??!! She still has the 20 sens in her hands.

    Okay, more training to do….

  • Map for Children

    July 10, 2008

    Last Saturday, I decided to go check out what’s in Penang MATA fair. I was hoping to get some good deals. I was planning to go Bali with my family, end of the year using my frequent flyer points. I was quite disappointed really because I was swamp with credit card promoters. I am not kidding, every few feet I walked I bumped into credit card promoters. Either that or those vacation club promoters.

    Worst is those promoters like to stand in the middle of the way. For me it is like playing those driving arcade games, walking from one end to the other trying to avoid them.
    Sad to say, I only found one booth offering a so so deal for Bali hotels. Anyway, at one of the booth, a nice guy allured Timothy and gave him a free VCD. I tell you, it is not free. It was a VCD that promotes Hong Kong Disneyland. Now guess where are we going now?

    Anyway, I didn’t book any tour but will be planning to go Hong Kong Disneyland. I have been to Hong Kong many times so no problem for me to get around. I hope to meet up with some university friends there too. Anyone wanna join me?

    Opps, let’s get to the topic, I got my children a huge map. It is kind of cool because it has all the countries flag and landmarks around the countries. Now I can teach my children all the countries around the world. They know where is Malaysia, US, Hong Kong and North Pole. They can recognize Malaysia flag too.

    Don’t ask me why Malaysia Landmark is a tree and not the Petronas Twin Tower.

    Cost: RM30

  • School Shoes II

    July 7, 2008

    After hearing comments from all of you, I am so glad that I am not an alien here. I soaked my school shoes on Friday and washed it on Saturday morning. I let it dry and apply the shoe white on Sunday.

    When I was in school, I love playing netball on the muddy field. In fact I was the school netball player. After a good game, my shoe will covered with mud stain. If I do not soak my shoes, it will be difficult to get the dirty stain out. Anyway, it became a habit.

    By the way, if you are from BBGS and batch of 1987, there is a reunion on 25th July 2008 in Concorde Hotel. However I will not be able to make it due to busy July schedule. :(

    My School Then:

    My School Now:

  • Whisper Whisper

    July 5, 2008

    I have never been so left out and it is all my children’s fault. Here’s the story: One day while they were both playing in the living hall and I was inside the study room, I heard whispering. They usually talk very loud. Imagine most of the time, I have to remind them to talk softly. Children get excited easily.

    I love hearing their conversation too. However this time, I heard both of them whispering. Hrmm, I thought they were up to something not good.

    The last bit I heard was Emily saying:

    Emily: Don’t tell mummy bla bla bla..

    Mummy: Don’t tell me what… *I went out to check on them*

    Emily: No no no…you faster go to work. *giving her cheeky smile*

    Don’t you think there are a little too young to keep secret from their mummy, me? Oh they know what “secret” means too. So I felt a little left out.

    However, I hope when they are older, they will share everything with me. Now I must learn the art of making them tell me everything.


  • I thought my days of washing school shoes are over and I am so dead wrong. Yes, since my children started schooling, the washing of school shoes begun. At least until they can do it on their own.

    My hubby and I have different ways of washing school shoes. Let me hear it from you how do you do it?

    1. Do you soak the school shoes overnight before you wash it?
    a. Yes
    b. No, I washed it immediately

    2. Do you immediately apply shoe white on the school shoe when it is wet?
    a. Yes
    b. No, I wait for it to dry

    School shoes have brought back lots of school days memory. My school is known for the strict rules and our shoes have to be white every day. Here are some of the things I do to keep it white.

    I would take the black board duster and dust it on my shoe to keep it white. One silly friend of mine forgot to check the duster and her shoes were multi color when she dusted it on her shoe. :wall:

    I would take a white chalk and start working on the dirty area.

    If I am at home, I will paint the white shoe polish on top of it. When it comes to washing, the pail of water is all white.

    The last trick is to hang around the toilet or library until the prefect finished checking.

  • Bronze Year

    July 1, 2008

    Today is my marriage anniversary. Wow, time really flies. I must thank God for the lovely years that He has given to my hubby and I. I prayed that many more will come.

    “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” Mark 10:9