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    • Packing

      My family have to go to KL for CNY. Packing for my 2 children, a toddler and a baby is a real headache. After packing, I am so reluctant to go…

    • a bag of clothes, socks, pyjamas
    • a bag of diapers
    • blanket & small bolster
    • toiletries
    • bathing anti-slippery mat
    • bathtub
    • stroller
    • small slow cocker for porridge
    • sterilizer
    • hot pot for hot water
    • baby bottles
    • baby cleaning brush
    • bowl & spoon
    • knife and small chopping board
    • rice for porridge
    • tiny dry scallops & ikan bilis powder
    • detergent
    • spring cot (baby know how to crawl, cannot sleep on the hotel bed, afraid she fall)
    • toys
    • walker
    • tape player (for night music)
    • night light (decided to use the hotel dimmer light)
    • medicine & multivits(must bring panadol just in case)
    • …..
    • After the trip, it was worth going, my children enjoy the vacation. Now I need another vacation from the vacation…bumma.

      Published on February 23, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    2 Responses to “Packing”

    1. Jefferene Lee said on

      Saw the list, I panic already!

    2. whsoo said on

      OMG! U really made the hotel room “homely”.