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      Besides financial contribution, daddy should play a BIG part in other contributions. Here are some from Tim’s and Emily’s dad which I like to recognized.

      1. Feed the children milk (of coz not breastfeed… hehehe). Especially middle of the night.
      2. Bath the children and put them to sleep.
      3. Mop & clean the house, sometimes help to do laundry. Put cloths into washing machine and hang them to dry.
      4. Wash & Sterilize baby bottles & breastfeeding pump.
      5. Play with the children.
      6. Carrying the baby while mum shops.
      7. Take children for walk while mum want 10 minutes of peace.
      8. Take out the garbage (esp stinky diapers).
      9. Wash plates after dinner.
      10. Discipline, toilet train and cut off the pacifier’s habit.
      11. Marketting.
      12. Cook porridge.

      … and a whole lot more……

      You are a GREAT DAD….muakssss…

      Published on March 4, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    1. lah ur hubby…mine is too pampered by me to do anything..I’m the supermom..he’s oni entertaining the baby and feeding so far…and only buys pacifier for her LOL