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    • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

      My dd (dear daughter) was detected of UTI when she was 3+ months. She came up with a very high fever (38oC) and no other symptoms. My paed did a urine test on her and found very high amount of bacteria. She was given 3 shots of antibiotic to clear the bacteria.

      My paed suggested repeatable urine test. MCU was suggested but we put it on KIV (keep in view) and monitor her situation. I have to repeat the urine test after 2 weeks, 1 month and 2 months thereafter. Her first 2 tests were negative. Recently did the last test and it was positive. It was a recurrence of UTI , I was so sure that it is contamination but it is not.

      Now the paed suggested us to bring her for a MCU procedure. MCU is to detect reflux, backflow of urine to the kidney. MCU can only be done when her urine is clear of bacteria. There are different grade of reflux. If the MCU show any grade of reflux, my dd have to take antibiotic until age of 5. Cannot be avoided!! Why? This is to prevent kidney damage. Why 5 years old? That is when the kidney is mature. If no reflux, then no antibiotic is necessary and case close, YEAH!.

      Severe case of grade 4 above may require surgical to fix the problem

      MCU may sound like a terrifying procedure but it is not. In an MCU, a catheter is passed into the bladder through which dye is injected. It will show what happens when the child passes urine.

      The process is mainly done to see whether urine is refluxing back up the urethra towards the kidneys rather than being passed straight down the urethra.

      Here are more info on UTI:

      Finally at 7 months, a MCU is done on her and she have intermittent reflux on right hand side. She has to take the antibiotic, urine test after 6 months. Repeat MCU after 2 years. The paed said that some cases of reflux 1 might be downgraded due to development of the kidney, urethra and bladder.

      DMSA scan was also suggested, but we put that on KIV. Reasons, not to put my dd on another traumatic procedure. Now my dd is eating well, putting on weight, good appetite and having fun.

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    1. Thanks for sharing….mean so much to me and my baby…God Bless!