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    • Breastfeeding Story I

      Most Malaysian mums are not familiar with breastfeeding and don’t do it. Worst is, many parents, relatives and grandparents say bad things or discourage breastfeeding. Indeed very sad.

      I really hope that breastfeeding is part of the education system here. Breastfeeding brings lots of goodies to the baby. A mum to be must prepare herself even during pregnancy and collect information about breastfeeding. I wish I did.

      For my first pregnancy, I know about breastfeeding through friends. I really wanted to give my milk to my child but I do not know how. When I first try to latch my son, I failed. My son scream and yell, it was at the hospital nursery and all the moms look at me. Fail desperately. Resort to expressing my milk for him. I also did not have experience and did not purchase a good pump. About 2 months, breastmilk ran dry. I could not express anymore.

      For my second pregnancy, I was more prepared. I told myself that I have to breastfeed for at least 6 months by hook or by crook. I guess all mums have to set a target and 6 months is not very difficult, trust me it is not. I got myself a good pump. I failed to latch my gal again, no help from the nurse or anyone. But I did SUCCESSFULLY breastfeed my gal for MORE THAN 6 months. She is a big drinker, drank so much that I did not have enough for her. I had to supplement it with formula.

      Published on March 5, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    1. Jefferene Lee said on

      I wish I have come accross this forum before pregnant. I am a strong “fans” for breasfeeding, and my desire to breastfeed are so strong. Sadly to say, like what you experienced, my dd just don’t want to latch on with many trial, and she was born 3 weeks early, so tiny, and I just can’t let her rely on my breastmilk alone, my supply was so little, due to a bad pump I quess. I was so depressed and upset during that period when I was not able to breastfeed her directly!

      So, after 1 month, the supply was really low, hardly get 1/2oz each pump session, no choice, but have to give up breastfeeding, and solely on formula! Still regreting till now!