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      Chinese are very particular about how you address your relatives especially to the older generation. I am having difficulty on the Chinese titles and if you don’t know how to address them, you are disrespectful. Let me show you how complicated it gets especially in the “Cantonese family”.

      My Hubby
      My Children
      My Mom Mummy Ah Ma Por Por
      My Dad Ah Pa Ah Pa Goong Goong
      My Elder Sis Jeh Jeh Tai Yi
      My Elder Bro Kor Kor/By Name Kau Fu
      My Younger Cousins Piew Mui/Piew Sai Lo Piew Mui/Piew Sai Lo Piew Yi/Piew Kau Fu
      My 3rd Aunt Sam Yi sam Yi Yi Por
      My 2nd Uncle Kau Fu Kau Fu Kau Goong
      Mother In Law (MIL) Lye Lye/Ah Ma Ah Ma Ma Ma
      Father In Law (FIL) Low Yeah/Ah Pa Ah Pa Yeah Yeah
      Sister In Law (SIL) Jeh/By Name Jeh/By Name Gu Ma
      SIL’s Hubby Jeh Foo/By Name Jeh Foo/By Name Gu Jeong
      Bro In Law (BIL) ??/By Name Kor Pak Pak
      BIL’s Wife Ah So Ah So Mo Mo
      FIL Elder Bro Pak Pak Pak Pak ??Pak Goong
      FIL Bro Wife Mo Mo Mo Mo ??Mo Por
      FIL Elder Sis Gu Ma Gu Ma Gu Por
      FIL Sis Hubby Gu Jeong Gu Jeong Jeong Goong
      MIL Bro Kau Fu Kau Fu Kau Goong
      MIL Sis Ah Yi Ah Yi Yi Por
      Hubby’s Cousin Bro Piew Kor Piew Kor Piew Kau
      Hubby’s Cousin Bro Wife Piew So Piew So Piew Sum

      There are more and I am getting rather confused. For those who know, please help me to fill up the “??”.

      My children will look forward to these only when Chinese New Year comes. Why? That’s when they received angpow for addressing them.

      Published on March 8, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “Chinese Titles”

    1. Jefferene Lee said on

      Hi, Michel, I like to read your blog, quite funny!

      If not mistaken, FIL elder brother should be pak gong & wife should be pak po! I have never heard mo mo!

      Me too have no idea on how to address the FIL SIS hubby!

    2. michelle said on

      Jeff: Thanks.

    3. i call my dad’s brother’s wife ah mo.. So, mo mo is correct.. But darn..I really dunno what to tell my baby to address her..

    4. lin wong said on

      i truely admire you for taking the effort to do so, i am also in your position and the thing is my hubby couldnt help much cos he address everybody either uncle, untie, ah ku or che che (he is hokkian). further more he also don remember who is who. so u can image my difficulty in recognise some of his relative cos i don’t know who they are to start with and also i don;t know how to address them, let alone teach my kids to call them.

    5. my kid call my hubby’s cousin bro… piew suk. and the wife as piew sam. My mil taught us this because comparing to hubby’s bro, cousin bro also called as suk… well, dunno if you agree with this.

    6. Connie said on

      Hi Michelle,

      I am a cantonese too and i call my father’s brother Tai Pak and his wife Tai Pak Leong. I think your children should call your BIL Tai Pak (some call Pak Pak) and BIL’s wife Pak Leong. ( I am not heard of Mo Mo).