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      Life after having children…..

      Before: I can sleep as late as 1am and wake up late in the morning.
      After: I have to sleep when my children sleeps and wake up when my children wakes up.

      Before: I can nap any time of the day.
      After: Only can nap when children naps.

      Before: I can go for movie in cinema at least once a month.
      After: What cinema? How do they look like?

      Before: Take my own sweet time to lunch or dine.
      After: Rush through it.

      Before: Wake up in the morning by myself.
      After: Wake up in the morning with my children greetings….:D

      Before: Never shop at the children dept.
      After: First stop to the children dept.

      Before: Give angpows (red packet with $ inside) for CNY.
      After: Receive double in return.

      Before: Watch any TV channels.
      After: Restricted to children channels.

      Before: Love to travel.
      After: Think of packing, better stay at home.

      Before: Can have a hair cut on any day.
      After: Have to apply leave for a hair cut.

      After: Receive gifts for Mother’s Day…….

      Published on March 9, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    One Response to “Before & After”

    1. before: i can enjoy long shower and steam my hair
      after: 10minutes is the longest bath I ever took 😉