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      Express 15oz of breastmilk at one go.
      Bath in 5 minutes.
      Finish dinner in 5 minutes.
      Nap in 15 minutes.
      Shop in 15 minutes.
      Cook in 30 minutes.
      Mop floor and clean house in 60 minutes.

      I have achieved a lot after having children. Achievements that I never thought I could do. Thanks to my children who supports me in their weird way. Mothers out there will agree with me that the best achievement is giving birth to your children.

      On another topic, let me teach you a trick I learned, how to get cheap things in a Sale without queuing and rushing with others. There was a MEGA sale in one of the mall near my area. Sale items were listed in a pamphlets and drop into my mailbox. As you know during a Sale, it is difficult to get parking, you have to queue in long lines to pay and you have to rush with others to get what you want.

      The trick is when I receive the pamphlets, I mark down what I want. You also need to know where the items are located in the mall and map out the shortest route. I will only get at most 10 items. Usually I will go for diapers as they are the most expensive item and I have to get lots of it. Take note on what time the mall will open. I have my hubby drive the car, with all the children at the car, stop nearby the mall 5 minutes before it open.

      When the mall open, let all the people rush in while I wait in the car. When they have all rushed it, I will jump down and enter the mall. Go right to the sale items I want and grab them. Of course all the things I want must be in the same floor else it will not work. Grab it all in 5 minutes and rush to the pay counter. Hey no one will be at the counter as people are still browsing through the sale items. For those who didn’t do their homework may not even know which is on sake. Some will be still fighting for trolleys. Pay and load everything into the car. All in 10 minutes. If the items are heavy, ask hubby to do it.

      Happy Shopping!!

      Published on March 25, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;
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    1. Hey Michelle, good tips on the shopping part. I love the idea of grabbing whats on sale without having to wait in a long queue 🙂