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    • Brotherly Love

      Both of them got fever last weekend, making mummy and daddy very busy. I had to sponge them middle of the night to keep the fever down.

      Tim started the fever on Sunday and I took him to the clinic after church. There was a queue in the clinic. First thing, I ask the nurse to measure his temperature and give him a dose of fever medication right away. This is to prevent the fever from rising.

      I had a bad experience once, when my son had high fever and the clinic was pack with sick children waiting for the doctor. I didn’t give him any fever medicine and waited quite long. The doctor was new and took his own sweet time. He is not the usual in house doctor. When he saw him, he didn’t give fever suppository which he should because the temperature was above 39ÂșC. While queuing for the medication, my son started to have seizure. Quickly I alerted the doctor and he came put my son lying down by the side, to prevent him from choking if he vomits. After a while, my son return conscious and he gave him fever suppository, the nurse sponged him to bring his fever down. The doctor was very kelam kabut. Anyway he was not seen in the clinic anymore.

      Usually when a child has very high fever, it can cause seizure. I was not afraid as I have plenty of seizure experiences during my childhood and my mum always tells me how she handles me. Every time when I have a fever, she will be very worried. At one time, the doctor had to freeze me in the refrigerator to bring my fever down. I have no memory of that. The only memory I had was that I hated injection and struggle so much that the needle broke. It was fortunate that I did not go brain damage, probably I was a genius but the seizure could have killed the genius cells.

      Lesson learnt, always give the child his fever medication if he has a very high fever to prevent it from rising and in turn cause seizure. It is advisable to keep fever medication in the house. During the night, you can sponge your child. I like to use the cool fever patch on their forehead, not every child likes it. I do it when they are in deep sleep.

      Published on May 17, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    3 Responses to “Brotherly Love”

    1. Wah, freeze in th fridge to bring down fever, fist time heard by me, sound horrible! But you are still brilliant after the genius cell being killed by seizure, hehe!

    2. We always got a bottle of fever medicine in the fridge, just in case. I thnk can keep for 6 months in refrigerated.

    3. Jefferene: Yeah maybe after killing the stupid cells, regenerated some brilliant cells….how I wish.

      Papi: Yeah, now my fridge is filled with medicine, fever (a few bottles), cough, runny nose, suppository, constipation suppository…etc..etc. Actually when that happen, I do have fever medicine, but it didn’t occur to me to give it to him before going to the doctor.