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      Son had fever on Sunday, fully recovered on Tuesday.

      Gal had fever on Monday, now still have fever. Later I have to bring her to see doctor, maybe to change her antibiotic. Weird, her fever will go up after midnight, I had to give her a dose of fever medication and sponge after midnight. Her fever will go down after 1 hour.

      Guess what? Dad got fever and knockout yesterday and MC today.

      I am keeping my finger cross that I will not get knockout. Will keep drinking Ribena to boost my vitamin C intake. I dislike taking vitamin C pills, in general I try to avoid any pills unless it is really necessary.
      Long weekend is coming, lets hope everyone recover by then.

      New update, some folks in Penang felt earthquake shake during 10:10am today.

      Published on May 19, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Knockout”

    1. I drink lemon juice mix with honey every morning (source of Vit C) and never takes supplement, and seldom sick, knock the wood! You can eat steam pumpkin (high in Vit C) too, yummy, yummy!

      Hah, earthquake again ahh, gosh, I live in an apartment!

    2. Aauww, poor babies! I would be exhausted too if my Adam got sick from fever. You just take a rest along with your kids and yes, drink more Ribena and orange juice for your Vit C intake!

    3. Jefferene: Yeah I love lemon with honey too.

      Nina: Thanks. Drinking Ribena everyday, I love it. I have sweet tooth so I make it extra sweet…:P. Sometimes halfway drinking, my son will snatch it from me and return empty cup.

    4. Hui Sia said on

      Accidentally found this while i’m surfing the net….

      Initially, i saw Jefferene name and trace back i ever saw this name in BBS, so out of curiosity i clicked on the link and finally i’m here.

      Michelle, you are super *100 mother as you almost update your blog everyday!

    5. michelle said on

      Hui Sia: Must thank Jefferene for leading you here. Thank q, Thank q, every mom is a super mom.