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      Yesterday, I took a day off from work, yes a day off from children, house chores and daily vicious cycles to go paktor (dating) with my hubby. We started the day with breakfast, wanted dim sum for breakfast but the shop was closed. Anyway our main reason to take a day off was to watch STAR WARS Episode III. Oh well, it has been so long ago since I set my foot into the cinema. The last show I saw was…was….it was that long ago that I forgot.

      I was so afraid that the day off have to be cancelled when I received news, last Thursday that my babysitter’s son had to go for appendix surgery. I had to baby sit my gal on Friday while I worked. Amazingly, how children can recover so fast from a surgery. I saw her son walking like nothing happen yesterday.

      Star Wars Episode III was definitely worth the money. It was better than I & II. I spotted 101 errors, here are some of it. The last part when Obi-Wan Kenobi send baby Luke to a new family.

        Where was the baby bottle, milk powder, hot water? Doesn’t Luke drink any milk? Only the force knows. Not that Obi-Wan can breast feed?
        Where was the nappy? Doesn’t Luke poo ppo, opps I forgot, he didn’t drink milk, how to poo poo.
        Obi-Wan can carry Luke on a camel to travel so far away with no baby seat and baby did not make a cry.
        No mittens and booties too, no clothes for baby Luke?

      Sorry, this is from a mom point of view. I love the saber fights but it was going far too fast to catch any good moves. I think they should freeze it like Matrix and do a slow motion action. Poor Yoda, had to jump up and down to fight Lord Sith. Yet, he walks around with a stick. The best part of the entire story was the part where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin mission to save the chancellor. I was wondering why the Jedi had to save him and later wanted to over throw his role, just asking for trouble. The best character I loved was R2-D2, how he fight against the 2 robotic enemy with fuel and fire.

      I will be looking forward to my next vacation….

      Published on May 31, 2005 · Filed under: Parenting;

    2 Responses to “A Day Off”

    1. Wah, so “shiock” ahh, went paktoh to watch Star War3. I have not been to cinema for so long liao, not even mentioned paktoh without Yee ching. Hmm, I need to make suggestion to hubby to take day off too!

    2. hehehe so many thought of diapers and milk :P..He got the force mah, makan force enough liao :). I went to watch on friday midnite, let my maid babysit Faythe after I put her to bed. But it wasn’t pak toh, went with 4 other friends hehe :)..Agree with you, it’s better than I & II